How to make money on YouTube without Google Adsense?

Earn money from YouTube

Almost everybody who wants to earn money online wants a piece of YouTube, and that’s because of Google’s Adsense. A YouTube video can be monetized with AdSense, and YouTubers benefiting from the advertisements are earning very well. The opportunity is massive because YouTube’s coverage is worldwide. When a channel qualifies for YouTube’s partnership program, each monetized video is a source of passive income.

But what if your video is not monetized? 

What if, YouTube decides to remove all the Ads from your video? (the evil scenario)

Is there any way to earn money from YouTube without Google’s Adsense? 

The answer is YES. We have two strategies that can be used to earn money from YouTube videos without Google AdSense. And as a matter of fact, these methods can be applied together with AdSense to maximize video earnings. 

Method 1: Affiliate Marketing

Most of you have heard of this method. Affiliate marketing is earning through affiliate commissions, and if you are a YouTuber and you are not an affiliate marketer, then you are missing out on a lot. Like a lot. 

Even if your videos are not monetized by YouTube, there are still opportunities to earn through affiliate marketing. And if you are a total noob in affiliate marketing, you might need some catching-up on topics like “What is affiliate marketing?”.

In affiliate marketing, you will be promoting a product with an affiliate link. The link is unique to your Affiliate Program account. You promote that link, and every time someone purchases a service or a product from your link, you will receive a commission. 

To make this work, you select an affiliate product that you want to promote. A product that belongs to your niche, or a product that has personal knowledge. Then, you are a video of that product or service. The most effective video would be a product review. A user searching for a review, most probably has the impulse of buying. 

The most relevant place for your affiliate link would be on your YouTube video’s description. And somewhere on your video, ask your audience to visit the description, and create a call to action for your audience to click on the link. 

You might have observed from other YouTubers say, “Product link on the description below” or something like “I left the link of the product in the description below, so please check that out”. That is affiliate marketing.

And that’s it, no YouTube monetization, no Google AdSense, but still, you are earning money from YouTube. But there is a need though to make this work, to make this profitable, and a source of passive income. 

Affiliate marketing sales requires the two from YouTube:

  • Quality video content that provides value to the audience. You need to convince people to buy a product or a service using the link you have provided in the description.
  • High Volume traffic. Basic math, the more people see your video, the higher the chances of selling. 

The two might sound so difficult to achieve, but don’t overthink because there are plenty of ways to create good content. And you have social media to reach more people. 

You can actually outsource an entire video production on Fiverr, and all for the low price of $ 5. And if you are worried about YouTube traffic, then starting learning how to promote your YouTube video on social media. Funnel traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and Pinterest. 

The scenario here is your YouTube video is not monetized, thus if you want to earn serious money then you need to increase promotion on Facebook and other platforms available to you. 

Method 2: Link Shortener website

You might be familiar with Bitly? You paste a long URL, click shortened, then Bitly will reduce the characters of that URL. Link shorteners are also important in promoting affiliate links because affiliate links are often lengthy and will look like spam. 

But we are not using Bitly on this example because Bitly does not pay you to use their application. 

What we are going to use is a website called has been shortening URLs since 2006 and helped millions of website owners earn money for more than 10 years. What does, when someone clicks on the shortened link, the person is taken first on an ad page for 5 seconds before proceeding to a destination website. is an advertisement platform and they are sharing their profit with you.

The same with affiliate links, the best place for your links is at your YouTube video description. And within your video, make a convincing call to action so someone will click on your link. 

A word of caution though, some will be annoyed by the 5 seconds ad page, and this negative impression might scare-off a potential subscriber.

Still, this is an option for you to earn money without the Ad.sense. Sign-up with today and discover this easy method of monetizing your YouTube video.

What will be the best strategy for you?

Affiliate marketing and are alternative options to earn money with your YouTube video without Google Adsense. Both methods are free to register, and the potential for earning money is high because of YouTube’s organic traffic. Experiment with both methods on your videos and observe what works best for you. But pay more attention to affiliate marketing. As I said earlier in this article, if you are a YouTuber and you are not promoting an affiliate product, then you are missing out on a lot.