Why does it take so long to grow a YouTube channel?

Why does it take so long to grow a YouTube Channel?

Why does it take so long to grow a YouTube channel?

You have watched hundreds of YouTube videos, and you are inspired by Youtubers earning hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month. And, you decided to start your own YouTube channel, upload a dozen videos and you are getting nowhere.

So, why is it hard to grow a YouTube channel?

This is a common question that most small-time YouTubers are asking. They invested so much effort in creating a video, promoting the video on their social media, but at the end of the day, the views are not doing so well. This can be very frustrating, especially if your goal in starting a YouTube channel is to earn money. You are facing a huge wall and you have no idea what is wrong. 

But there is a reason though why it is very hard to grow a YouTube channel.

There's so much competition on YouTube

YouTube is filled with creators competing with one another for fame and definitely for fortune. Before, it was easy to create a YouTube video. Shoot a video, and upload. Videos back then were very personal, but now, you are competing with creators that actually brings an entire production crew.

A YouTube video has become like a movie set.
shooting a YouTube video
YouTube Video

Why are some putting so much effort into a YouTube video?

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Like Google, people will go to YouTube to search for solutions to a problem. Gone are the days that YouTube was a repository of entertainment videos. YouTube has become a video sharing platform for entertainment, education, music, news, and many more.

The popularity of YouTube generates millions of traffic per day. And a large part of that traffic is from people that are ready to buy a product, a service, or an online course. These are potential customers that business owners are aiming for. Without a doubt, YouTube’s Adsense is very attractive for creators as a means to earn money. But Adsense alone is just a small piece of the pie.

The large increase in YouTube creators is coming from businesses or marketers that are selling or promoting products. Come to think about it, if you create a YouTube video and manage to gain 1 Million views, you could probably earn between  $ 600 to $1500 per month. 
If we equate one person per view, you need 1 million people to watch your video to earn $ 1500 per month. 

But what if you are selling something? What if you are selling a product that will give you a profit of $ 50 per sale? Then you only need to convince 30 people to buy your product to earn $ 1500. AdSense might look appealing but it is not enough for a substantial passive income. Thus, there is much effort in producing videos because the goal is to sell a product. Because from convincing a handful of people they can gain profit for what they have invested.

And this type of YouTube creators is your biggest competition. It is very hard to grow a YouTube channel because they are ahead, in terms of production and promotion, and they are present in almost any niche. Every time someone places a search on YouTube, most probably, the top search results are coming from marketers owners that are using YouTube to promote a product. Your video will be pushed to the second page of the search results and you will be receiving fewer views.

But why are they ranking so well on YouTube?

If this might be new to you, please do consider sharing my content on your social media. Today, everything is a business on the internet, and technology has provided solutions to almost any demand. Ever since the birth of the internet, there is a demand for online promotion. And there are a few too many websites and apps that are solutions to this demand.

Google Keywords

Google Keywords

You can pay google keywords to promote your content. There is a price for almost any popular words online.

The way it works is, you will pay Google to advertise your content's Keywords, select a demographic you are targeting, and each time this demographic enters a search on Google or YouTube, Google will rank you first on the search engine. This is how Google earns a lot of money. 

Before, only e-commerce websites are using this strategy. But today, even YouTubers are applying paid ads on their channel and videos. 

Driving traffic has become a business as well 

Companies like Tailwind or Simpletraffic has found a way to drive traffic to almost any URL. This means that if you pay or register on them, they can help you gain viewers. If you are just starting on YouTube, companies like these will bury your video content in the search results. Why?

Google and YouTube have similar algorithms. Each of them will rank content that gets a lot of traffic per day. It is one of the main metrics in which the system identifies a piece of online content high in quality. Paid software and websites are like modern-day cheat codes if you want to grow an online presence.

So, is there a chance that your YouTube channel can grow quicker?

All challenges in life can be overcome with the correct mindset, attitude, and sheer hard work. Of course, they use money to grow their YouTube channel but it does not mean you cannot outrank them. Below is a simple process which you can apply to grow faster on YouTube:

Research for niches that are not saturated 

This is very important when you are just starting to avoid your efforts being drowned by other creators. Start researching content and subjects that only a few YouTubers are creating videos. Key in a topic on the search bar and, observe the number of YouTubers suggested, their number of views, and their relevance to your search.

Constantly produce videos 

This will tell YouTube’s algorithm that your channel is active. And this gives the system more opportunities to suggest your videos to searches. The more videos suggested to searches, the higher the chance future subscribers will visit your channel.

Promote your content, and promote your content

This process can sometimes be frustrating but is necessary if you want to grow your YouTube channel fast. If you want free and organic traffic, then you need to double your promotion. Be active in almost all social media that lets you promote your content for free. Create an account on websites like Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn.

Each day commit yourself on producing quality content. 

This is the final step and the most important. The purpose of steps 1 to 3 was to capture the audience's attention, to let them know that you have a video for them. But in order for a YouTube channel to successfully grow, you actually need them to stay, to keep them watching your videos. And it can only be done if you have high-quality YouTube videos.

Final thoughts on why it is difficult to grow a YouTube channel?

The development of technology and the availability of new ways to promote an online product is a challenge for someone who wants to grow a YouTube channel using organic traffic. The hard work you will exert on promoting a YouTube video is only equal to one push of a button of an Ad campaign. But there is an advantage to organic traffic. Though the growth of your channel might be slow,  you can be sure that these people will come back to your channel to watch your videos. Organic traffic is sustainable traffic. Growing a YouTube channel is difficult but not impossible.