The Easiest YouTube Channel You Can Start Today

The Easiest YouTube Channel you can START TODAY

The Easiest YouTube Channel you can START TODAY - Relaxation Music
The Easiest YouTube Channel you can START TODAY - Relaxation Music

One of the most challenging parts of starting a YouTube channel is looking for materials to create a video. And if you source free materials on the internet, you might also worry about copyright claims. 

But what if there is a way you can start a YouTube channel using non-copyrighted music, videos, and images?

Welcome to the relaxation video niche. Relaxation music is a highly searched keyword on YouTube. Music content from this niche can be played on Spa’s, restaurant’s, or even at home when you want to relax. 

To show how profitable this niche is, let us run in Google Keyword Planner the key phrase “Relaxation music”. We will target the country the United States and the duration are from January to October 2020. 

The Easiest YouTube Channel you can START TODAY-Relaxation Music
Relaxation music keyword search

From the image above, we can see that the key phrase relaxation music has an average search volume of 1-M searches per month. The statistics show that if you publish this type of content on YouTube, there is a possibility that you will have 1-M viewers per month.

The key to a successful YouTube channel is to gain a wide audience. Relaxation music is a highly searched keyword with LOW competition. This means, that only a few content creators are publishing this type of content and there is a high chance of ranking on Google.

How can you produce a relaxation music YouTube channel?

Your first thought might be, starting this type of niche will be difficult because you will need to produce music, shoot for quality images or videos, and edit the music to fit the relaxation music niche. 

What if I told you, all this can be done for free? Free music, free photo or video, and free editing software. In this example, we will use free resources that are available on the internet.

Successful Relaxation Music Channel

Let us first look at two successful relaxation music channels so you will have an idea of how it would look like, and how profitable this YouTube niche.

Nu Meditation Music

Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music 

Nu Meditation Music and Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music are receiving millions of views and their channels can be monetized by Google AdSense. 

Free photos and videos

Download photos or videos from websites like,, and These are free stock photos and a website that you can use for your relaxation music video. The website does not require to credit the owners of the materials, but writing their names is a way of thanking them for letting you use their content.

Free non-copyrighted music

A lot of people think that it is difficult to download free non-copyrighted music, and purchasing one can be expensive. But YouTube provides you with free music you can use. The only condition that YouTube wants is to only use the music for YouTube content. 

You can access these resources after you create a YouTube channel. Sign up for YouTube, create a YouTube channel, and access YouTube’s audio library. And download the music that you will need. 

Select the ambient music mood for a relaxing track, and explore the library for more options. To be more effective during monetization, we would want to make an 8-minutes video, so download at least four tracks.

Free music editing software

We need to splice the tracks so you can have an 8-minutes music. Download the free software audacity to mix all four tracks. Audacity is easy to use, but you can check out free YouTube tutorials to complete this action.

Free video editing software

If you have observed in the YouTube channels show in this article, all do not require heavy video editing. A relaxation video can be done by drag and drop images, videos, and audio to the free video editing of your computer. There is the free Video Editor if you are using Windows windows. 

Add a little bit of creativity and overlay some text on the video. An inspirational or motivational quote would work just fine. 

Once you have piece all the materials together, you are ready to upload your relaxation music video.

How can this channel be profitable?

Relaxation music has an audience and if you successfully set-up your channel, you can apply on YouTube’s partner program. This means that you would be earning from AdSense every time someone watches your video.

Another option is to sign up for an affiliate program like Click Bank. You can check out tutorials on how to create a ClickBank account. There are products under the Health & Fitness niche and belongs to the Spiritual Health category that goes very well with relaxation music. You can promote the affiliate link in your video description for the possibility of earning thousands of dollars from affiliate commissions.

Final thoughts and expectations

It is not too late to start a YouTube channel and a relaxation music niche is definitely a good option if you want to earn money only using YouTube. This is a profitable niche because of the volume of searches it receives per month. But, you should also realize that your views should rely on search traffic alone. 

There YouTube channels that are also using this method and are even using paid ads. This one of your biggest challenges and you might find it difficult to grow your own YouTube channel. Thus, you should learn how you can effectively promote your videos on social media. 

Platforms like Quora and Pinterest have high US-based traffic, and both are very good options to promote your channel. Promotion is only one word, but it needs a lot of work. Be patient and persistent, and as well wise in promoting your content. This is a must if you are looking for free organic traffic, else run paid Ads.

YouTube is the best online side hustle you can start today. Though at first, starting a successful YouTube channel may sound difficult. But once you devote yourself to keyword research, you can find topics like relaxation music. Relaxation music videos are easy to make and have a high potential for profitability because of its existing audience. All you need to do now is take action, create your own relaxation music video, publish on YouTube, and promote.