Important Tips Starting a YouTube Channel Using Your SmartPhone

Can you start a YouTube channel using your Smartphone? 

Important Tips Starting YouTube Channel Using Your SmartPhone
Important Tips Starting YouTube Channel Using Your SmartPhone
As long as you have internet, YES. The two basic requirements in starting a YouTube channel would be an idea and confidence. If you have an idea and you are confident enough to start a YouTube channel, then you will not need some fancy equipment. 

The good question here is, what YouTube niches you can start today using your smartphone?

So yes, what we will discuss are channel ideas that can be successful without using complicated software and hardware for video production, and can totally be done using your smartphone.

YouTube Channels you can start using your Smartphone

Life Vlog

Reality shows are very popular and almost all big TV networks have one. People are genuinely curious about other people's lives, and this behavior creates the demand for this niche. 

You can vlog about your exciting experiences for the day, and share some fun and even some sad stuff about you.

This is the niche that you need confidence more than technical expertise. During one of your vlogs, you can also share an interest or create a little tutorial to capture the interest of the audience. Still, no fancy video editing here - just some good old point and shoot scene.

Spoken Word Poetry

Poetry is one of the colorful forms of public speaking and it is one of the oldest. Poetry will never run out of style and there are YouTube channels that focus on the spoken word poetry niche. 

Spoken word poetry is a performance of a poem where the delivery matters. 

This may not be for everyone, but if poetry is your passion, consider creating a Spoken Word Poetry channel. You can perform in front of your phone and it is a YouTube niche that does not need technical video editing as well.

Relaxation videos

I am sure you’ve watched one or two tutorials about how to start a relaxation video, and this can be done using mobile as well. But if you are new to this idea, relaxation videos are one of the easiest videos to make. First, you download a relaxing scenery image from a free stock photo website, then download some relaxing music from YouTube’s library, and with your laptop’s free video editor, pieced the two together. 

The process is the same for making relaxation videos with your smartphone. Install free video editing software on your phone and just piece together stock pictures and audio.

Since the videos and audios are free, be more creative, and make some little edits on the photo. A software called Canva can very much help you with this step.

Helpful Articles to grow your YouTube Channel

Would you now go viral with videos from your smartphone? 

Because you are only using your Smartphone to make YouTube videos, please be prepared with some limitations. 

  • For the life vlog and spoken word poetry, the quality of your video will depend on the camera of your phone. 
  • The same with the audio, there is a slight echo if you record with your phone’s microphone. You might need a little bit of investment if you want to improve the quality of your video and audio. 
  • Finally, you would be faced with the same problem as everybody else. And that is how to grow your YouTube channel. YouTube has become very competitive because millions of videos are uploaded on the platform every day.

And you need to stand out from the rest of them to make all your efforts worthwhile.

It would be very disappointing if you made all those videos and nobody watches them.

So how can you stand above the rest?

2 Basic Tips to grow YouTube Channel Using Your SmartPhone

Learn SEO Keywords

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a practice to increase the visibility of content during searches. If your content is optimized it will most likely appear during searches.

Unfortunately, the reliable free tools for keyword research best works on Desktop but to be consistent with using your Smartphone, we can use YouTube's search bar autocomplete function for Keyword research.

After deciding what video topics you are going to produce, you follow these basic steps:

  • pretend for a while that you are you're the audience
  • write down the most likely words or phrases you’d search on YouTube to watch your videos.
  • key in the first two words of your chosen phrase inside YouTube’s search bar. What we are looking for is to allow YouTube the recommended word strings. 
  • Finally, take note of the recommended words or strings because those are keywords.

And to optimize your YouTube video, your chosen keywords should appear in three basic locations. First is in on your YoutTube Video title, second is on your video description, and finally on your video tags. 

When YouTube’s algorithm will crawl on your content it would understand the topic of your video. The system can now recommend your video to searches on YouTube.

Grow a social media account

A social media account is pretty much a rule if you want to grow an online presence. Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are places where you can reach your future audience. It’s a space where you can say, “hey go to my YouTube channel because I uploaded a new video”.

The Keywords can tell the algorithm what your video is but it's better not to rely on a program. Please note that other people are doing this as well and the algorithm is a program that you have no control over that.

But if you have a Facebook page dedicated to your channel, you can quickly engage with an audience. It’s like you have a stage with a waiting audience sitting in front.

Final thoughts before you start a YouTube channel with your Smartphone

Don’t let technology held you back in making your first YouTube video. Be more confident to share your passion and ideas with the world, and who knows there are millions of people out there that can relate to your videos. 

You will not just be a creator but you will also be an inspiration.

A smartphone is enough to start on YouTube and the 3 niches here are perfect for starting a YoUTube channel using your smartphone.