4 Fundamental Tips on How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast

Grow a YouTube channel fast
4 Fundamental Tips of How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast
Growing a YouTube Channel

Growing a YouTube channel will take time. It’s a process, and poorly managed accounts may take at least two (2) years before the algorithm starts to favor their contents with a steady stream of audience. But if you’re able to apply these fundamentals correctly, you’ll quickly see gains to your YouTube channel.

Here are 5 Basic Tips to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast:

Post Quality Video Contents

This is the most basic of all the basic tips and the most important among the steps to grow a YouTube channel. Quality will ensure that people will come back to your channel after they’ve watched your videos. You would want your audience to watch your videos, more than just one instance. And the way to do this is to have a video that is high in quality and high in value. 

This might be difficult at first but you’ll eventually improve in time. A quality video will have the following. A good contextual substance or your video must provide quality information to your audience. 

If your YouTube content is about cooking, at the end of your video, your audience should learn how to cook.

Or if your video is about a tech review, at the end of your content, your audience must be more knowledgeable about the gadget.

You simply need to give first your audience information and in return, they will give you their attention.

Another important aspect of quality is audio and video. The message should be clear in these two mediums. They need to clearly hear your voice, they need to clearly see what you’re showing them, you need to make your audience feel that you are beside them talking.

Learn about SEO Keywords

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s a simple strategy you can apply to allow Google and other search engines to discover your videos. Because there’s no point in producing good videos then no one watches them.

And if you want to have a fast-growing channel, you’ll need to produce content from less competitive keywords. You’ll need to create videos from topics that people are searching for but with few YouTubers making videos about them. Keyword research helps you understand what topics or videos can help you quickly find success. 

If you’re a small YouTuber, you’d definitely look for these keywords.

After you’ve identified your keywords, you need to place them on your video titles, video descriptions, and tags. This way, YouTube will understand what your video is about.

There are free keyword tools you can use for this step. There is Google’s Keyword Planner or Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. These two free keyword tools can help you find those less competitive keywords and grow on YouTube fast.

Grow a Social Media Account

YouTube will not be the only social medial platform your audience will be hanging out with. Like you, they will not be on YouTube all the time. Thus, to capture their views and to help you stay relevant to their attention, you need to be present to where they are hanging out. Aside from YouTube, maintain other social pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. 

You don’t need to create an account for all of them if you’re schedule or financial resources are limited. But at least select one that will complement your YouTube channel. 

And for example TikTok. TikTok is relatively new and the competition is not that high, but the attention TikTok is getting is enormous.  

Thus, you can create TikTok videos that can help you grow on that platform but with the intention to drive your audience to YouTube. Make sure you have a call to action or a reminder for them to visit your channel.

Run Paid Ads

If you’re someone new on YouTube, for sure, you’d frown on this idea. Because, most probably, the reason why you started a YouTube channel is to earn and not to spend. But in reality and if we look at your YouTube channel as an investment, you do need to put forth the money to help it grow. 

Money is fuel for any investment to grow. 

All other big YouTube channels are doing this and this is how they reach millions of audiences around the globe. 

True, you can grow on YouTube organically. Organic means, the YouTube algorithm itself will recommend your videos to an audience with the least effort from you. But this may take time, especially if the keywords you’ve selected are competitive or do not have plenty of searches. 

Organic growth is like an artist backstage waiting for his name to be called to perform in front of an audience. 

While running Ads is automatically placing your performance in front of an audience. 

Thus, creating a quality YouTube video is very important.  Even if you’ve managed to be in front of an audience, but if your performance is bad, then your audience will not listen to you. They will click the next button, and you’ve wasted an Ad expense.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is, quickly-growing a YouTube channel is possible. Either you can grow it organically or grow it using paid advertisements. 

But both, will need you to have a quality video first. 

Something that people would want to watch and share. A video that stands out compared to others. If your video is unique, people would appreciate that and they will see the value of the content. And when someone sees something valuable, they’d want other people to see it by sharing on their social accounts. 

The basic tip here is to make videos for your audience and not for yourself. That should always be your focus if you want to grow your YouTube channel fast. 

Don’t shoot videos about you or your hobbies. A lot of YouTubers are doing it, what so special about yours or why would people care about you and your hobbies? 

But if you will tweak the approach by creating videos on how other people can learn your hobbies, it becomes a whole different thing. Now, it’s not just entertaining, your video becomes educational, it has become informative. 

And the number one reason why people depend so much on the internet is that the internet can provide answers, the internet answers question. 

Thus, make your YouTube video an answer to somebody else’s question, with a targeted SEO Keyword, promoted in other social media platforms, and later distributed using paid ads. And having these strategies will definitely help your YouTube channel grow fast.