The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube and Earn affiliate commissions after a sale is made
Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Help Guide to Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

If you’re a YouTuber, and you have no idea what affiliate marketing is, then it’s time to learn about it. Affiliate marketing is the second profitable income stream you can generate from a YouTube video. What you can earn from affiliate marketing is way more than what you will earn from Google Adsense.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Product owners want their products sold. Either it'll be in a form of services or goods. They want it to reach more people. And if they do that personally, it will need more effort from them and it will be costly. That’s why these businesses need a middle person to promote their products for free. They will share a piece of their profit, through affiliate commissions, with you.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where you promote a product from other people or businesses. Each time you make a sale through your promotion efforts, you will receive a piece of the profit.

Where Can I Find Affiliate Products?

There are two strategies to find affiliate products. The first method is to join affiliate partner programs. Clickbank is the most common APP’s that's easy to join. Once you’re in, you can choose any product from the program that you wish to promote.

The second method of finding affiliate products is going to the companies directly. Websites like GoDaddy or Fiverr offer affiliate partnerships. If you have an account with them, you can promote their products or services as an affiliate.

The basic tip here is to choose a product that you believe or a product that you've personally used. This will make it much easier to promote because you have an actual experience that you can share.

So How Can You be accepted Inside Affiliate Partner Programs?

Some APP’s, like Clickbank, are free to join. You create an account, select a product you wish to promote, and start promoting. Other programs require you to have an active online asset, like a website or a Facebook page. They want to measure your online credibility before you’d get accepted.

How Can You Implement Affiliate Marketing on YouTube?

As an affiliate marketer on YouTube, there are two ways we can refer a product to your audience. The first method is you set-up a website that hosts the affiliate product. This can be a blog site that contains your promotion. Then inside your video, you can make a call to action from your audience to visit your website.

You take your visitors on YouTube and direct their flow to your website.

The second way is to paste the YouTube affiliate link in the video description. Commonly, affiliate promotions will be in a form of a URL.

This is an effective strategy because your audience is already watching your video, and they have the impulse to scroll down to learn more about your content.

Your YouTube affiliate links must blend well with your video description and make it part of your content. Either one of the methods, always make a call to action to influence your audience to visit your link.

What are The Tips to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer on YouTube?

The first tip would be to think like your audience. If you’re the one needing that product, what type of content would you want to watch on YouTube. The video and the product must have a relationship.

That’s why YouTubers doing unboxing earn a lot from affiliate marketing. Their videos provide people the information needed to decide to buy or not to buy a cellphone or any gadget.

The second tip is to produce quality videos. You need to provide value to your audience. You need to keep them watching. And you need to look credible.

Before even shooting the video, do research about your promotion and write down a script that you can follow. The script will help you stay on topic and it allows you to remember different cues to emphasize in the video.

How Much Can I Earn from Affiliate Marketing on YouTube?

You will be earning through affiliate commissions which may vary. Some of the generous products can share 30% of the profit to an affiliate. But the majority will fall at an average of 10 %. Thus, if you’d be able to refer $1,000 worth of sales, you’ll receive $100.
A thousand dollars sounds a lot of work, right?
That’s why the number one key to the success of affiliate marketing on YouTube is to generate a lot of traffic to your link. It’s not a 100 % guarantee that when a customer sees your offer they will immediately buy using your link.

Now, is this strategy worth your time?

Final Expectation Affiliate Marketing on YouTube?

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. It receives millions of visitors per day. And these people are your potential customers. All you need to do now is convince them to visit your link.

Affiliate marketing on YouTube requires a lot of hard work. But if you can promote a high converting product then you can also earn way more than YouTube Ads.

The term high converting means that there are products that sell easier compared to others. And part of your success is searching for these products. Most affiliate programs will show this metric and this will give you an idea of what products best suits your YouTube channel, and what products are worth the effort.

Since we’ve talked about high converting, it’s also worth selecting high profit. Or products that give higher commissions compared to others. You’d be sweating your heart out convincing people, might as well look for affiliate products that can make you wealthy. 
Thus, affiliate marketing on YouTube is an option to earn more. Or you want to increase your level of profit while working as a part-time or full-time YouTuber.
YouTube is one of the best mediums to promote affiliate products because it’s the second most visited website in the world. You can use this free traffic on YouTube to influence customers to buy a product, and in return, you’d receive your affiliate commissions.