5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Start on YouTube Today

Reasons Why You Should Start on YouTube Today

Here are simple reasons why you start on YouTube. Why you need YouTube to grow your talent and at the same time grow your own business.
Five (5) Simple Reasons Why you Should Start on YouTube Today
Are you looking for simple reasons to start a YouTube channel? You might have thought about it. Or you’ve seen videos on how wealthy YouTubers are becoming. You wanted to be them but you can’t find the right reason to motivate yourself in starting a YouTube channel.

If that‘s the case, then let’s look at Five (5) Simple Reasons Why You Should Start on YouTube Today:

Monetize Your Talent

The perfect way of earning on YouTube is from your talent. When you create a video about your talent it will not be laborious. You will not feel bored are lame out in producing a video because what you are doing is something that you love.

If you keep your talent to yourself, only you or a couple of friends would know about it. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. But how about sharing that to the world, and in return earn from it.

For example, you love dancing and you're good at dancing. You dance in school or join some competitions and you enjoy what you're doing. 

But won't it be better if you earn some cash while doing what you like? 

And if your answer is yes, then start on Youtube now. You can monetize your YouTube video and you'd start to earn from a skill you're passionate about. Aside from the monetary aspect, YouTube helps you connect with people that have the same interest as you. You’d learn more from your skill and at the same time, inspire others to express what they love doing.

Videos are Effective Medium to Communicate

Aside from sharing your talent, what if you're passionate about a certain topic or a cause. And you want the world to learn about it or you want more people to support you. 

Yes, you could go out and tell more people about it on the street.

Use youtube as a medium to share a cause of something that you are passionate about
Share your Passion or Cause on YouTube
Or you just post a video on YouTube and let your voice be heard by millions of people around the world. 

You are able to share what your thoughts are and the process is free.

For example, you are passionate about recycling. You think it's a good cause because it will save the environment. You need more people to join you, and educate them about the value of recycling. 

Pre-YouTube era, to do this, you need to publish a book, pay someone to write a news article, go to radio stations, or go out on the streets. All is such hard work and some of it will cost you a lot. 

But since there is Youtube, you’d be able to hand out your passion to people at almost no cost at all. It only takes one viral video and you'd receive the support you need.

Build an Online Audience

You might not think about it now, but will you consider starting a business soon? 

Or do you want to produce online courses and sell them? 

Or do you want to start a consulting firm in the future? 

That is not today but when it comes you would be needing an audience. If that’s the case, the sooner you start, the bigger your audience would be in the future. 

You’d say, why is building an audience important? If one of your goals in life is to start a business or take your profession to a higher level, then a large audience would be a huge advantage. You’d reach more people to whatever it is you want to say and whatever it is you want to sell. You can influence them to join something that you’d receive a commission or you can influence them to hire your skills for them.

Why start today and not on the day you want to earn money? 

YouTube is very competitive and all creators are trying to outrank one another. Starting now will give you the advantage of learning more about YouTube and increase your confidence to thrive inside the platform. 

Reach out to Potential Customers

Before, marketers would go door to door and knock on your doorsteps to sell something. Or call every number in the phone book and hopes that the person they're calling will buy something from what they're selling. This the prehistoric era of the internet.

Now that you have YouTube, you can sell to people all over the world at zero cost. 

For example, you're someone doing affiliate marketing. To earn from affiliate marketing, you need people to buy the product you are promoting. And to create that sale, you need people to check out your offer, hear what you have to say. As a result, if your convincing, then you’d make the sale. 

And because there is YouTube, you can reach those potential customers without even leaving your home. A YouTube video review of an Amazon product can help you generate your dream sales.

You Can Grow any Business with YouTube

Almost all, if not,  all types of business can be grown with a YouTube channel. YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. This means millions of people visit the website every day. 

Your YouTube channel can educate people about the profile of your business.

You can provide information that will allow customers to buy something from you.

For example, you have a coffee shop. Good that you have a Facebook page, good that you are paying for radio ads.

How about you create a video about your coffee shop? 

A video about your menu or a video about your specialty. 

This will tell more people about your business and help them decide to visit your shop. 

A simple call to action in a video can influence an audience's decision to buy. 

YouTube is very powerful in growing a business because of its reach. It’s easier to grow a business with YouTube because your videos can help people understand what you’re selling. 

Final Thoughts: The Five (5) Reasons to Start on YouTube Today

If you want your talent, your career, or your business to be out there and grow, then start a YouTube channel today. Each day that you pass, your competition gets stronger and you might lose opportunities. Though YouTube is not necessary, it’s a free tool that you can use to communicate and reach people. 

Why waste an opportunity to use a free tool to grow?

Thus right now, find the courage to speak in front of a camera and shoot your first YouTube video. And make these two important factors the reason to start a YouTube channel. The first is to provide value to your audience. Let your talent or your business become a solution for other people. Second, grow yourself, grow your talent, grow your business, and generate more value.

Let the better version of you or your business become a solution, and that is a powerful reason to start on YouTube channel today.