Why Teenagers Want to be YouTubers?

These are reasons why teenagers want to be youtubers. Why teenagers wanted  to become a YouTuber rather than getting a College degree.
Why Teenagers Want to be YouTubers? 

Why do Young People look at YouTube as a Good Place to Make a Living?

First of all, it's not just young people, but its people of all ages. YouTube has convinced a lot of us to take part in video creation and earn money out of it. Now, why is this? And why are teenagers drawn to this idea?

But before that, let’s first talk about the power and the potential of YouTube to earn money. YouTube is the second biggest website in the world next to Google. The power of Youtube is from its visitors. The video-sharing platform receives millions of audiences per day, and these are the eyes of potential customers and consumers. It’s like an arena full of people watching different exhibits and all are ready to buy something.

And when it comes to potential, YouTube still continues to grow as a video sharing platform and the contents inside are becoming diverse. YouTube videos are improving to be more interactive, more educational, and more entertaining. It has become a community where you can visit to learn, to have fun, and even to buy something.

Now let’s look at reasons why young people look at YouTube as a good way to make a living:

You will be Paid for doing Almost Anything

As long as it follows YouTube’s community guidelines, then you're good. Your channel can be qualified for its partnership program to earn from advertisements.

When we say make a living, it's often tied to a desk job where you are bound by corporate rules. The tasks are repetitive and the salary is just enough to survive.

And if you’re someone at High School and you’d hear these sacrifices of middle-class earners with unpaid overtime, missed family gatherings because of work, and dissatisfaction with life status. Working a normal job will not sound exciting. And if you’re a victim of that missed family occasion, then definitely you don’t want that to repeat that.

But on YouTube, you can simply do anything you want. You can be the musician, the dancer, the teacher, and the artist that you’ve always wanted to become. You can be creative inside YouTube, and as long as your content does not promote nudity or violence, then you have the potential to earn thousands of dollars for sharing a talent. 

Having a job becomes not an option anymore in the eyes of teenagers.

You can Earn in various Fun and Creative Ways

A decade ago, if you’d ask me if you can make a living recording yourself playing video games.

My response to that would be, “that’s hilarious”. 

Then my immediate response following that is to try to get a college degree.

That was the basic idea, get a college degree, apply for a job, and make a decent living.
But now, YouTube has shown us that successful computer Gamers who have a YouTube channel, has a bigger house and has more cars compared to an Engineer or an Accountant. Earning money while playing video games is a dream come true for some teenagers. It's like the ultimate dream. Having fun and earning money.

How about the YouTubers that are earning thousands of dollars from Google Adsense while posting videos of themselves eating? That’s ASMR videos on YouTube. Or that person, who is not good at creating raw content, but is good at video editing and curating? Piecing together short clips and creating a full-length video? 

All of these are odd ways, but they are fun, and they can earn you thousands of dollars on YouTube.]

You can Convert your YouTube Channel to an Online Business

Ads are not the only source of income on YouTube. It’s not even the ads you’d be chasing if you want to be successful on YouTube, rather the attention from its millions of users. 

In your 9 to 5 work, if you’ll work hard during your eight-hour shift, you’d be paid the same. You’ve increased your effort, the mental and emotional load doubled, but still, your salary will be the same. While on YouTube, if you work hard and introduced other methods of earning on your channel, your income will increase. 

If you’re able to grab a piece of attention from YouTube’s audience, you’d be rich. 

These people can be directed to websites where you can sell products, you can sell online courses, or you can sell books. And your potential customer is Global. You’re not enclosed to your local community. 

Another very famous way to make you rich on YouTube is affiliate marketing. You don’t own these products, and you don’t pay for storage. All you have to do is refer your YouTube audience to the selling platforms of these affiliate products and you’d receive a commission every time a sale is made.

A person who is confident and is willing to sell or promote a product online can be made rich by YouTube.

YouTubers make it Looks so Easy

Young people look at YouTube as a good way to make a living because YouTuber videos make it look easy. 

The house tours, garage tours, and vacation vlogs. 

All of these look super fun and super easy. Yes, it's super fun, but it's not easy. To be successful on YouTube, you’ll need people’s attention.
And when it comes to that, attention is not easy to satisfy. 

It needs constant feeding of excitement. The most successful YouTube channel today did a lot of testing and advertisement spending to convince more people to subscribe to their channel. 

The reality in YouTube is, you must maintain a good momentum in uploading quality videos. Videos that actually matter to most people whether it's for education or entertainment. 

Will Teenagers Choose YouTube over College?

The statement above looks discouraging, but will teenagers choose YouTube over College? How about you? Will you start to be a YouTuber?

Well, if based on the current trend, YouTube will remain a significant option for teenagers wanting to start a career online. Young people who want to earn money by sharing their creativity with the world. Your typical work from a college degree will not provide that freedom. At times, a day job becomes a prison. 

And because of the continuous growth of online content consumption and availability of ways to monetize a video, then definitely, the young people of today or even the next generation, will still look at YouTube as a good place to make a living.