Can you Earn Money on BuzzMatch - is BuzzMatch Legit?

can you earn money on buzzmatch or is buzzmatch legit
Can you Earn Money Reading Articles on BuzzMatch

Can you Make Money Online on BuzzMatch

I came across videos on YouTube and TikTok promoting the application Buzzmatch or CashZine on Android. Influencers on both platforms are promoting this application because, from their claims, it can help you earn money. 

The videos of these influencers are implying that we can earn 18,000 to 30,000 pesos a month by using the application.

And to verify their claim,  I installed BuzzMatch on my phone and tried it for one week.

This article is my personal opinion about the app to confirm if BuzzMatch is legit, and if can you actually earn 18,000 to 30,000 a month of use.

But before we talk about my experience with the app, let's quickly understand what type of application is BuzzMatch.

BuzzMatch, is a social networking app that uses content articles to attract users. You can join social forums inside the app to further talk about the articles you've read. 

It's a fresh and unique social network format because here, you can actually learn from the articles you can read. A user is free to read articles inside the app. And I was surprised, that the app has different quality articles. 

When I say quality, I mean there's actually good information inside.

You can read articles, about the topic of entertainment, gaming, finance, technology, and sports. But the articles are not originals from BuzzMatch. They actually linked out to websites that write about the topic.

How can you earn money on BuzzMatch?

BuzzMatch has its own reward system. The app will reward a user for its activity inside. The longer you stay reading, or interacting with other users, the more points you'll receive. This is how the app tries to keep its users logged-in.

20 seconds of reading is equal to 20 points. This means, that 1 second, is equal to 1 point. 

After collecting these points, you can then exchange them for real money, and your payout can be via G-Cash. Most of the social media influencers I've observed, they're flexing their withdrawals from GCash after using BuzzMatch.

The rewards conversion is 1,600 points is equal to 1 peso, which translates to 1 peso per 26 minutes or at least 2 pesos per hour.

With 2 pesos per hour, can you really earn 18,000 to 30,000 a month? 

I would say, that BuzzMatch is a legit application, and it has a working rewards system for your usage of the app.

But it’s impossible to earn even just 18,000 a month if you've only rewarded 2 pesos per hour. Of course, this is was my reward for my activity inside the app.

But, can you really earn a lot of Money with BuzzMatch?

If you really want to insist to make money on BuzzMatch. 

In contrast to what I've said above, you can actually earn a lot of money with this app, but not in reading articles or interacting inside the platform.

The only way to earn a lot of money is through referrals

If you can refer a person using a promo code, which can be found on your profile. You’ll receive a 20% commission of that person's earnings per month. 

If you're successful in bringing in 1000 people to the platform, and you'd earn 1 peso for each of them, then that would be equal to 1,000 pesos of referral commissions for you.

That's why Social Media influencers with significant followers are the only ones earning a lot of money from BuzzMatch or CashZine. Influencers are capable of persuading people to install the app using their code

Thus, they receive referral commissions for each user they refer.

And that is why they always mentioned, "install the app using the link below with my referral code" or somewhat similar. They want you to install the app using their code so they can earn referral commissions.

There's actually nothing wrong with referral commissions because it's a legal way of making money. But what's very disappointing is, their way of promoting is misleading. These influencers want people to believe, that they can earn a lot of money by reading articles on BuzzMatch. 

Personally, I don't recommend installing BuzzMatch or CashZine for the hopes of earning money. 

But if your goal is to read, be informed, and learn new things, then install the app by downloading directly from the AppStore or GooglePlay, and not through some referral codes from YouTube or TikTok.