A ClickASnap Review - Make Money Uploading Photos

ClickASnap Review?

ClickASnap review, make money uploading photos online
ClickASnap Review - Make Money Uploading Photos
ClickASnap, you might have seen this promotion on TikTok or YouTube. Discovering this website sounds like a true life hack. A website that will pay each user for a view of an uploaded photo.

In today’s article let’s talk about the website and if indeed it’s a lifesaver, and I’ll provide my ClickASnap review. 

Can you make money uploading photos online on Clickasnap?

Most often, ClickASnap is promoted by influencers as one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can create an account with this website for free. It works like Facebook and Instagram where you can upload a photo and interact with other users.

The advantage of this website is it will pay users for each view of a photo or content impression. Something that Facebook and Instagram do not have.

How much can you earn from Clickasnap?

Clickasnap will pay $ 0.25 per photo impression and the minimum cash-out is $ 15. This means you’ll make money each time someone looks at your photo. But they need to be engaged for at least 5 seconds to count. Thus, if you’re able to get 1,000 people to look at your photo, and keep them looking for at least 5 seconds, you can earn up to $ 250. 

The website has more than 60,000 active users and is receiving millions of organic traffic per month. These foot traffic on the website are potential eyeballs to earn cash. With these numbers, there is a good chance that you can actually make a significant amount of money uploading photos on Clickasnap.

Another way to make money on ClickaSnap is by selling your photos. Aside from photo impressions, you have the option to sell your work. You can be humble and sell your images for a dollar. Or, sell a good piece of photo for $100 or more.

With the number of active users and the organic traffic the website receives each month, you can indeed make money uploading photos on Clickasnap.

But before we move further down the blog, let’s get back to earning money through impressions. 

There are plenty of videos on YouTube and TikTok about Clickasnap. They’re showing, you can make EASY money every time someone looks at your photo using a FREE account. This might be true in the past, and YES creating an account is still free. 

But the earning money per impression is only for paid users or subscribers to the website.

Clickasnap offers four (4) types of subscriptions. The first is the FREE plan, in which you can enjoy 7 uploads per week, but you can’t make money from photo impressions. The second is the “Ad-FREE” plan which will cost you  £ 2 per month. The third one is the seller account, and the fourth is the pro-seller. 

The benefit of the Ad-FREE plan is you can enjoy the app without Ads shown on the page and you can make money for each view on your photo. While the seller accounts let you enjoy the app Ad-Free plus you have the opportunity to sell your work.

And yes, you can make money on Clickasnap, but it has to be on a paid account, and not with a free account. If you want to make money from photo impressions and be able to sell your work on ClcikASnap, you can choose either of the three paid subscriptions.

Your accessibility on Clickasnap depends on what account you’re using and the experience is much more convenient with a paid account.

Final thoughts on Clickasnap

ClickASnap is a Social Networking website for anyone who loves photography. Their plan subscriptions will give you the option to make money from photo impressions or by selling them. It’s a compact platform to interact with users and artists, and at the same make money with your photos.

But don’t be mislead by some of the promotions on TikTok and YouTube that you can make a quick buck with Clickasnap. You can’t earn from views on your photo with a FREE account

But it’s indeed a unique host of photo content on the web. Creating an account with Clickasnap is free, and you can enjoy using their platform with the free account. But if you’ll shift your goal to making money uploading photos online, you’ll need to upload quality content and avail of ClickASnap's paid subscriptions. 

I hope this ClickASnap review has provided valuable information about the website, and if you have further questions, please let me know in the comment section.