Can you Buy a Car using the Lyka App?

The LYKA App

What is the LYKA App?
Can you buy a car using the LYKA App? Or, have you installed this application in the hopes that you can buy a car from the points you’ve earned? 

The LYKA app gained popularity when the celebrity Ivana Alawi posted a video buying a new car from what she claims, points earned from the LYKA app. People then swarmed and installed LYKA on their smartphones. Hoping they’ll have the same success as the celebrity.


What is LYKA App? 

LYKA is a social networking app like your observant Facebook and Instagram. LYKA allows users to share photos, create group chats, and connect with other users on the platform. But unlike Facebook and Instagram, LYKA has a digital reward system that you can use to buy something from the LYKA Mall. The reward is called LYKA Gem, and 1 LYKA Gem is equal to 1 Peso.

How can you earn Gems on LYKA?

The center of the point system is the photo-sharing capability of the app. When you upload a photo, you’ll earn 0.05 Gems, and you’ll earn the same points if someone else likes your photo, or Max Rates them. And if you Max Rate other people’s photos, you’ll earn 0.02 Gems.

It’s clear here that you need engagement on your photo to earn more gems.

Can you buy a car using the LYKA App? 

Let’s do a little arithmetic and understand how much popularity do you need to buy a car. 

1 Gem is equal to 1 peso. 

1 Upload or Max Rate will each equal to .05 Gem. Let’s keep it there for simplicity.

For you to earn 1,000 pesos from uploading a photo on the LYKA App, you need to upload 20,000 Photos.

For you to earn 1,000 pesos from Max Rates, you need 20,000 Max Rates.

It would be difficult to upload 20,000 photos, thus the Max Rate is your chance of buying a Car using the LYKA App. And from the computation we made above, you need to repeat the 20,000 Max Rates 700 times, to buy a car that’s worth 700,000 pesos.

It’s up to you to process the figures. But what’s very clear, making money to buy a car using the LYKA app is difficult.


LYKA App and Data Privacy

All phone applications collect personal information during your daily use. That’s how they make money. And LYKA is no different.

From an article published on Rappler, there is a warning about your personal information used in ways you are not aware of.

Now let’s get back to the question, can you buy a car after using the LYKA App?

Yes, you can, but you need to have celebrity status to make that much money. 20,000 Max Rates means you need to have millions of followers to receive that amount of engagement. 

But who's really making money on LYKA?

Please note, that these apps pay popular influencers and celebrities to invite more people. And these celebrities already bought their cars before they’ve even started uploading a photo.

There are also misleading promotions of these types of apps on YouTube. Influencers often upload videos with a catchy thumbnail to grab your attention. 

Like the ones you’ve seen, “you can make $100 per day”, “600 pesos per day” and so ON. 

YES, these influencers are providing helpful tutorials. But don’t be misled by their promotions that you can make a lot of money using phone applications. 

These social media influencers promoting the LYKA app often apply the referral system. As you’ve observed, they will always say, “Install the app using the link below” or “Install the App using my promo code”. 

What they’re doing is adding you to their referral tree. 

An influencer will receive incentives every time someone installs the app using their link or promo code. On other applications, they will receive a commission from your daily points. Thus, if you’ve installed the app from a link on a YouTube description, you’re helping that influencer buy their car.

Promoting an app using the referral system is a legal marketing strategy. Just don’t be misled by some of the promotions promising false earnings.

And don’t install the app in the hopes of becoming an additional income stream. 

That’s it, I hope this article has provided you enough information about the LYKA App and can you really use LYKA Gems to buy a car. Best of luck to you and see you on my next blog.