The Best Advice to Quickly Make Money on YouTube

The Best Advice to Quickly Make Money on YouTube 

How to Quickly Make Money on YouTube?

You’re probably like me, the pandemic made us realize that we can make a lot of money on social media, especially YouTube. And when you're new to this idea, you normally want to know the silver bullet, the secret sauce to make quick money on YouTube.

Which brings us to the question, how to quickly make money on YouTube? And the short answer for that is, you can’t. You can’t make quick or easy money on YouTube, and the silver bullet you are looking for does not exist.

But don’t be discouraged just yet. In this article, you and I will talk about why it's not easy being a YouTuber and why it's impossible to make money quickly. Knowing the challenges ahead can help you strategize your approach to success.

Now, let’s take a look at 3 challenges in starting a YouTube channel today:

YouTube is very competitive

The first video uploaded on YouTube was 15 years ago. And since then millions of YouTubers have built a career over the platform covering almost any niche. Niches from cooking to arts, from sports to music, from cat to dog videos. If you start a YouTube channel today, you're a second-mover to almost anything. This will place you in a position where you need to grow in the middle of a race with other channels that are ahead of you, and with more experience.

The algorithm has evolved to think more like a human being

YouTube is owned by Google, and advertising is their business. For YouTube to successfully advertise, they need people glued on the screen. And to keep people watching, your content needs to be highly educational or highly entertaining. Your content needs to be of high quality.

The main quality factors are the clarity of your video and audio, and the value you are providing the audience. When your video has poor quality, YouTube’s algorithm will be less likely to recommend your content during searches.

Facebook and TikTok has your subscribers

Before, the majority of the people who consume video content are glued to YouTube. But now, your audience's attention is divided. TikTok is a big example of that. Audiences that want instant entertainment would most likely choose TikTok over YouTube. Tiktok videos are shorter but are equally entertaining and educational.

Now, how can you win over the competition?

If you want to pursue YouTube as a career, first focus on niches that you are good at. Niches where you can become a reliable resource person, plus you’re having fun while doing the videos.

I’m very sure that if you check yourself right now, you can write 5 skills that you’re good at. Choose one of the five and create a YouTube channel around that.

No one is stopping you from making videos of different topics, but if you’re only starting out, it’s best to start small and avoid being overwhelmed.

And after you're able to take your channel off the ground, there are helpful tools for video promotion. Aside from waiting for the algorithm to bring you organic traffic, you can use paid social media ads to promote your channel.

Spending $5 can help you reach thousands of subscribers that can reshare your video.

Final thoughts about How to Quickly Make Money on YouTube

There is money on YouTube, no doubt on that. But don’t expect it to be quick and easy.

To avoid disappointment, you must reframe your expectations on how quickly you can make money. The easy pill towards success does not exist. Even if you invest in Ads, the growth of your channel is not overnight, it usually takes months or even years. But don’t be discouraged by the process. The process helps you grow as a content creator. Even if you don't have millions of views right away, if you consistently upload content, the process will help you improve your skill in video production.

And finally, if you want to be successful on YouTube, don’t set your eyes on making money. You should first focus on the value and quality of your content, and for sure, if you get these two correctly, money will naturally flow in.

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