A Helpful Guide in Making Money on YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest?

A Helpful Guide in Making Money on YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest?

Okay! I would assume that you are well aware of the opportunities to make money on Social Media. And now, you have that question on your mind, which platform it’s easier to make money on? YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest? 

The answer to this question would be simple at a quick glance. YouTube as the second largest website, and as a video sharing platform has more engagement. This means that more people can watch your content on YouTube compared to the other two platforms.

But before we conclude that YouTube is the easiest platform to make money, it is also good to understand what type of product you are serving and who is it for? If you are not selling something, then what type of content you are producing. 

What we want to achieve here is to know your audience. 


If you have an idea who you are selling or performing to, it would be quicker to decide which platform to focus on. Especially if you are a beginner, invest yourself in a single platform first to avoid exhaustion. 

Also, though YouTube is the number one in content monetization, video editing can be technical, and your niche on YouTube might be highly competitive. 

And in terms of making money on Social Media, it’s not really about the platform. Though I know there will be contentions on this, especially those who have made it on YouTube. But rather than thinking about the platform, focus more on developing your skill.

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A photographer has an equal opportunity to make money on Instagram with someone who makes videos on YouTube. 

Aside from the Ad Program on YouTube, all other methods of making money are also applicable on both Instagram and Pinterest. 

Thus, Instagram and Pinterest are as profitable as YouTube if you have the right content and are able to build an engaging audience. 

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