The Beginners Guide of Making Money on Fiverr using their Smartphones

The Beginners Guide of Making Money on Fiverr using their Smartphones

What if right now, you are asked, can you make a living using your smartphone and the internet? 

With such limited resources, is it really possible to make an insane amount of cash? Well, if you asked a marketer or a salesperson, their answer would be yes. But we will not talk about their profession today.

Instead, we will head over to a freelancing website called Fiverr, and we will list four simple side hustles you can start today using your smartphone.

But before we even go into the details, I will remind you that this side hustles on Fiverr will not be easy. And as a matter of fact, nothing is easy. It requires basic skills in using a smartphone application and a little bit of creativity.

Without further delay, here are 4 creative ways to make money on Fiverr using your smartphone:

You record a video of yourself as a Fiverr Gig

Let us take a look at the active gigs below. 

The gig is about recording videos using a script from a customer. This has plenty of uses, and you may receive requests from personal greetings, social media posts, or brand promotions. To make this gig super successful for you, you may want to think of a unique selling point. Think of something that others may want, and only you can offer. 

Say, you can shoot a video wearing an impression of a Hollywood or an anime character. This can make you stand out from other Freelancers on Fiverr.

You can create a minimalist logo design

We specifically used the word minimalist to be niche-specific. This means, we are targeting customers looking for a simple, but stunning logos. And also, Freelancers of this “minimalist” logo design are charging their clients $20 to $125 per logo.

And to start this Gig, you’ll need an additional application called Canva on your smartphone. And yes, this Gig is a little bit technical and will require a high level of creativity. Though the word is “minimalist”, creating something that is simple but can fully represent a vision of a company, can be challenging.

This type of Fiverr gig requires a lot of practice and experimentation of the application Canva. But if you become very familiar with creating logo designs inside the application, making money on Fiverr using this side hustle can be easy.

You create unique TikTok videos

Yes, you’ve read it right. Creating TikTok videos can be a side-hustle on Fiverr. 

TikTok’s popularity is growing, and the engagement is high. And the eyeballs on TikTok are attracting business owners or social media marketers who lack the time to create their own videos but have the budget to do so. 

And you don’t need to show your face. If you have basic editing skills, you can offer this service on Fiverr. There are free stock-photo websites that can be good sources of materials for your video. 

And finally, you can write a poem

You can earn $ 5 to $ 65 writing poems on Fiverr. And among the Fiverr gigs mentioned here, this requires a lesser amount of resources to make an offer. This side hustle is perfect for anyone who is creative with words and is looking for a simple way to make money online.

You can also use tools like Canva to have a unique selling point. Instead of offering only a text in a word or pdf file, you can also offer something like placing the poem in an image so the user can conveniently upload it on their social media.

Final Thoughts About Making Money Using your Smartphone

And those are four (4) creative ways to make money on Fiverr using your smartphone. All four are super doable but require a certain level of creativity. And if you want to make money with your phone now, then I would suggest you start building those skills today.