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How to Earn Money as a Teenager

How to earn money as a teenager
How to Earn Money as a Teenager
If you’re a teenager and you are asking yourself “how to make money”, regardless if it’s out of a desire or out of circumstance, I would say that I truly admire your commitment. 

Most people your age are only thinking about video games and having fun. 

While you, on the other hand, are setting yourself to do something great. And in this article, let me give you three (3) simple ideas on how to earn money as a teenager.

And what’s amazing about this, is you can immediately put in place these strategies after reading the article.

But, let me remind you, that these are not EASY fixes. 

You need to put in the work to make these strategies super effective for you. 

And as a piece of advice, if something comes very EASY, it usually comes along with a problem.

So here it is!!!!

Three (3) Simple Ways How Teenagers can Make Money Today

You can Start Freelancing on a Website Called Fiverr

If this is the first time you’ve heard of such a website, then you should read this paragraph, else you can skip to the next hustle. 

Fiverr is a legit website where teens can earn money doing easy freelancing jobs. And the best part of Fiverr is they accept Freelancers as young as 13-years old, and payment is through PayPal.

So what are some of the jobs teens can offer on Fiverr?

Inside Fiverr, you can offer services like:

  • Converting PDF to Word
  • Converting PDF to Excel
  • Writing a Poem
  • Making TikTok Videos
  • Doing Voice Over

I’m super confident that you are capable of doing at least three (3) of the Fiverr gigs for teens mentioned above. And if you check out their website, you can learn other side hustles you can start today and make money as a teenager.

3 Practical Skills Today - Learning Digital Courses on Fiverr

You can Start a Reselling Business on Facebook

It’s really easy to set up a Business Page and start selling something on Facebook. 

And if you want to sell on Facebook, it has to be on a Business Page, why? 

First, you have access to analytics that will show you how your posts are doing. You can see how many people your post reached and how many interactions. And most importantly, if you are selling on Facebook, you need to advertise to scale your small business up. 

And don’t worry, at $5 dollars, Facebook can help you reach thousands of people online.

You want to be a reseller, now what are you going to sell? 

Well, you should make simple research on what your community needs. What demands of the people you can address. An example of this is homemade food items, like sausages and cookies. Sausages and cookies may sound trivial, but these are daily consumer items.

You can start on something simple like this, and once you are able to understand how to communicate with customers, you can proceed with selling big-ticket items for more profit.

You Grow a Social Media Account

If you read this, I bet the first thing that would come into your mind is YouTube, right?

Let me tell you, it does not have to be YouTube. 

You can monetize your content inside any social media account. 

If you don’t have an immediate need for money, then growing a social media account is the best answer to your question,” How to Earn Money as a Teenager?”. The secret of how to monetize your social media account is to have tons of Followers or you are able to establish a significant presence on the internet.

Your presence means you connect with people, and that connection is something you can monetize. A social media influencer can influence or provide awareness of a product, and you can charge businesses for that. 

You can become an endorser of a product!!

But before you become an influencer, I need to tell you about the biggest challenge you need to face.

And that BIG word is REJECTION. 

If you are only starting out, almost nobody will pay attention to you. With the social currencies of likes, shares, and comments, you will receive almost zero of that during the beginning of your career. 

And worst of all, your friends and families will be your first doubters rather than supporters. 

Thus, if you decide that you will take this path, which I recommend you should. 

Have the stamina to persevere. Have clarity of your goals. Love the process. And work on building yourself to be a better person each day.

Final Thoughts on How to Earn Money as a Teenager

Those are the three (3) easy ways on how teenagers can make money on the internet. 

And if I am someone close to you and can give you personal advice, I strongly recommend starting a Facebook Business Page and a Social Media Account with the intention to monetize awareness. Monetize awareness or make money when you are able to influence people through your posts.

That’s it. I do hope you've learned something from this article.

And please give me your support by sharing this blog on Facebook, or anywhere on Social Media. 

Have a good day! And see you on the next blog.