An Easy Guide to Start Making Money Online Using the Kumu App

An Easy Guide to Start Making Money Online Using the Kumu App

Go-Live and Make Money on Kumu

Live streaming might be the next big thing in the world of content creation. Live streams allow you to reach more audiences in real-time and interact as if you are beside them. Live streams have a big advantage over uploaded videos in terms of building relationships with your followers. This is because you have the chance to respond to personal questions and requests during your Live, compared to an uploaded video.

And now comes the Kumu App in the Philippines.

Kumu is a live-stream app owned by Kumumedia Technologies, Inc., and was developed by Filipino entrepreneurs Roland Ros, Rexy Dorado, Andrew Pineda, and Clare Ros. Kumu is short for “kumusta” and is presently making headlines after it partnered with ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother in broadcasting its live feed of the housemates inside the PBB House. Kumu PBB Live Stream let's the audience save or evict a housemate.

How can you Make Money on Kumu?

There are two common ways to make money. And these two, are the more sustainable ways to make money inside the Kumu App.

The first source of monetization in Kumu is the virtual gifts from your audience. Though there are other ways to make money, like joining game shows and completing Kumu tasks, virtual gifts are more profitable especially if you have an entertaining stream. Like the more prominent Live-Streaming platforms Facebook and Twitch, Kumu gives its audience a chance to give virtual gifts to Live-Streamers. And these virtual gifts are convertible to real money. 

And the second best way to make money on Kumu is through brand deals. This is when you work with companies and endorse their services and products to your audience. When you become an authority to your niche and grow a big online community, companies will have the interest to work with you. 

How can you be Successful Inside Kumu? 

Kumu is a Social Media platform. And Social Media has two main ingredients to guarantee success. First is to consistently produce quality content, and second is to build an online community. 

Quality content is the type of content that will give value to your audience. Understandably, your first few streams may look disappointing. But as you grow inside the Kumu App ,you should make content that will either make people happy or content that will give them useful information. Give the people a compelling reason to watch you during your streams. You should know that attention is the most important currency on Social Media. To make money on Kumu, you will need your audience’s attention. The more attention you have, the more money you will make

Then the second is building a large online community inside the Kumu App. Obviously, you’re most likely to receive virtual gifts if you have a large number of followers on your account. A large number of followers also attracts brands that would want to work with you for social media promotion. Thus, your communication skill is very important if you want to succeed. You should find a way to keep your audience watching, and create a level of comfort that makes them engage with you during your Live-streams inside the  Kumu App. In this manner, you will have a high conversion rate from viewers to followers.

Affordable Equipment to Start Live-Streaming on Kumu

Why Would you Start Streaming on Kumu Today?

The Kumu App has an advantage right now in the Philippines for two big reasons. 

The first reason is, it’s relatively new in the Philippine Live-Streaming space. And when a platform is new, it also means that there are fewer content creators streaming. This gives you the opportunity to gain more followers because you will have little or no competition at all inside your niche. Another benefit of a new platform is the availability of organic reach. Organic reach is the event when Kumu recommends your content or account to a wide range of audiences without you paying Ads. This will translate to you reaching more people during your Live-Streams. Organic reach in bigger platforms like Facebook and YouTube is heavily curtailed. While in Kumu, it's very much available and free.

The second reason is Kumu’s partnership with ABS-CBN. The Lopez-owned TV Network ABS-CBN is actively inviting people inside the Kumu App. And right now is your perfect opportunity to own a piece of attention that they are pouring inside Kumu. The earlier you start, the more time you have to grow as a creator and grow your community.

Start Making Money Online Using the Kumu App

If you’re serious about doing Live-Streams in the Philippines, download and install the Kumu App now and start making content. As of writing, ABS CBN is working with Kumu and the number of users are growing. Your competition inside Kumu is fewer compared to other Social Media platforms. This means that it will be easier for you to grow your community after consistently making quality content inside Kumu.

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