IIEE Negros Oriental Chapter 1st General Membership Assembly and Technical Webinar

IIEE Negros Oriental Chapter 1st General Membership Assembly
IIEE Negros Oriental Chapter 1st General Membership Assembly
The IIEE Negros Oriental Chapter will be having its first General Membership Assembly and Technical Webinar for the Year 2022. This is the first major event of the chapter this year, and professionals and students of Negros Oriental can join to gain knowledge for their career development and receive updates about the Chapter's status. 

The General Membership and Technical Seminar will be on March 26, 2022, and divided into three parts. It will have a Technical Seminar with 7 CPD points. It will also have a product presentation from Sponsors and a general membership update.

Why is this important for the Electrical Practitioners and Students of Negros Oriental?

Let’s talk about the technical webinar with 7 CPD points. 

I know that there’s a long debate behind PRC’s rule of the CPD points for license renewal. But technical seminars have direct benefits to professionals and students. We all can agree that structured learning is very helpful to keep our skills updated. 

Learning should never stop after the board exams for professionals. Especially now that the world is evolving very fast, and there are many opportunities for growth. And for students, this is a perfect venue to understand how the theories inside the classroom apply in the real world. 

The following are the IIEE Negros Oriental Chapter Technical Webinar Topics:

Project Management: The Science and Art of Organizing the Components of the Project. If you have handled a project before without training in Project Management, let’s face it, you made a lot of guessing. And instead of planning ahead, you were making a lot of firefighting. If you’ve gone through the project and come out alive, you were more of a firefighter and less as a project manager. 

Now here comes this training for you. Project Management training is very important for Electrical Engineers. And here’s why. As you grow as a professional, you will start to handle challenging tasks. And one of those challenging mountains you need to face is managing a project. From conception to birth, a project is on top of everything. With the right training, fundamentals such as defining scope, assigning resources, implementing the plan, and keeping everything within budget, are manageable. But lacking the knowledge to clearly define key components of a project can result in long stressful nights. 

Thus, if you want growth in your career, wear Project Management training as a title belt.  And this will be discussed by no other than Engr. Reynaldo G C. Tan, PEE, PME, DM-HRM.

Load Schedule and Voltage Drop Calculations. Do you know what would happen to a building with a poorly designed load schedule? “Faulty Electrical Wiring”! It’s the most common cause of building fire, at least every time a firefighter is interviewed by the media. But such tragedy is avoidable at the design stage of an electrical system. 

Load scheduling and voltage drop calculations are fundamental skills that all electrical practitioners should learn. We can use designing a cost-effective but safe Residential Electrical Plan as a basic practical application of this topic. While a more complex design would be working on a Power Distribution System. 

Thus, if you're designing a Residential Building, a Power Distribution System, or somewhat similar, attending this webinar will be beneficial for your career growth. And Engr. Brian Pasilan, PEE will be your master of this topic.

Electrical Systems in Healthcare Facility. Do you want to go inside a Hospital with an underrated Emergency Generator? Or a Hospital that dims its lobby lights when the compressor of the Pneumatic Tube Systems suddenly kicks in? Of course not!

Those are exaggerated examples, but it can happen on a poorly designed Electrical System. The third topic is a niche topic which makes it incredibly interesting. It focuses on a specific work environment that needs to be taught to a wide audience of Electrical Practitioners. Hospitals are examples of healthcare facility that needs careful attention during designing, construction, operation, and maintenance. You don’t want to be the baby inside the delivery room of a hospital with an underrated emergency generator.

And this coming event on March 26, 2022, is your perfect opportunity to learn more about this critical system intended for the preservation of life. Engr. Benjenito R. Cemini, PEE, the Manager/Proprietor Aries Electrical Consulting Services will teach you everything you need to know.

Product Presentation of Sponsors

This event has three sponsors, Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Product Corporation, Prince  Valiant International Corporation, and EUCLID Protection Relay Center

Why are product presentations very important in IIEE Technical Seminars?

Sponsors are helpful partners with Professional Organizations. They provide business solutions in the form of goods, services, or software. These partner vendors can help Electrical Professionals find useful products for their projects. It’s also good to note that these three (3) companies are in the field of engineering. Thus, what they are presenting are relevant materials of the profession.

General Membership Assembly

Transparency is very important inside an organization. Members would want to know how the organization is doing and what are the future plans. The officers of the IIEE Negros Oriental Chapter understand the importance of transparency. They want to connect with their members and ensure that the Chapter is a growing chapter. Thus, to close the day, they will provide updates answer relevant questions about license renewal, membership fees, and talk about future plans of the organization.

General Membership Assembly and Technical Webinar

I hope that this article gave useful insights into the coming 1st General Membership Assembly and Technical Webinar of the IIEE Negros Oriental Chapter. And for clarity, this is not a paid article. The whole purpose is to give awareness of the chapter’s activity and invite more members to join the event.

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