3 Simple TRUTHS for an Aspiring Social Media Influencer


3 Simple TRUTHS for an Aspiring Social Media Influencer
3 Simple TRUTHS for an Aspiring Social Media Influencer

Three Simple Truths to Understand as a Social Media Influencer

A Social Media influencer life captured the interest of the younger generation. It is a career that revolves around a hobby, which makes it less like work. You can also make a decent amount of money not working for anyone, which gives you freedom and control of your time. 

Making money on social media was not known to many. But, as social media gained popularity, the competition between online influencers became tough. Niches are saturated, and only the best digital creator experiences success. 

Nevertheless, the demand for content is increasing. There is no better time to start your career as a social media influencer than now. 

And as you start to become a content creator, you need to understand three simple truths to be successful.

Truth 1. It is Difficult to Capture Attention 

Catching the attention of your audience was easy about 15 years ago when social media was in the infancy stage. A person talking and holding a camera was seen as impressive. The audience back then was very willing to follow, like, and share. Now, there are too many content creators to choose from. 

Even those close to you will not donate a like, follow, or share.

Because of this hard truth, many social media influencers attempt unethical practices to grab attention. Some bad practices are absurd food blogs, poverty porn, road stunts endangering pedestrians, and many more. Thus, it is necessary to understand your identity as a content creator. Look for positive things you can share with the world. And start with the things you have knowledge and experience.

I believe there are untapped ways to catch your audience's attention as a digital influencer without being irresponsible and endangering other people.

Truth 2. You Will Need Unlimited Energy

The algorithm of any social media platform constantly seeks out who is relevant and new. It is one of their ways to keep users inside scrolling and consuming Ads. 

Regular posting is key if you want to increase your followers and remain significant by the algorithm.

Planning and scheduling your post helps you sustain inside this cycle. Preparing ahead gives you time to produce high-quality content. Regular posting also helps you understand what content works best for your audience. It gives you the statistics to analyze what gets the most engagement, and what doesn't.

But the most tasking part is the producing of a video. A simple 1-minute reel may take 4-hours of editing. This very laborious task needs a strong commitment to finish, and dedication to pursue.

A lot of digital influencers did not harvest the fruits of their dream career because they failed to be consistent in content creation.

Truth 3. Your Skin Has to be Tough Against Toxic People

Social media awards a user a certain level of anonymity. Terrible people will take advantage and throw unruly remarks to hurt, not even to criticize. Without any known reason, they will comment about your skin color, your facial imperfections, your weight, or even share made-up stories to ruin your image. 

Big digital content creators are aware of this toxicity inside social media. They hire Admins to moderate and filter comments to keep their emotional and mental focus intact.

But, if you are only starting and can not afford to hire an Admin, you need emotional control when reading irritable comments. You will quickly lose your focus when anger or depression starts to set in inside your brain. Even if you are not famous, you can not avoid bashers on social media.

There was a comedy content creator I followed on TikTok who was consistent in uploading wacky videos. The substance of his content was good, but his phone quality was bad. And from the appearance of his home on the video, you can say, he was poor. Then one day he made a video that he was quitting because of hateful comments. 

Instead of criticizing the substance of his content, some of his audience focused on his facial appearance, video quality, and social status. The comments might have been too much and made him abandon his passion as a successful digital content creator.

Therefore, you must learn to manage your emotion when becoming a Social Media influencer. When the comment section is too toxic, turn the comment section off. And when you start to feel threatened or abused, reach out to the authorities and file proper criminal charges.

The Truth for Aspiring Social Media Influencers

Those are three simple truths for the aspiring Social Media influencer today. Content creation sounds very easy when you are looking from the outside. But when you start to press further, you will realize becoming a Social Media influencer is hard work. You don't just manage the technical side, you will also need to manage your physical, emotional, and mental quotient when you deal with people online.

Though challenges are certain, Digital Influencer is a good career choice. The demand for content creators will certainly increase in the coming years. And if you start today, you could become the biggest social media influencer of the decade.