How Can You Improve Your Physical Health with the Xiaomi Mi-Band 7?

How Can You Improve Your Physical Health with the Xiaomi Mi-Band 7?
How Can You Improve Your Physical Health with the Xiaomi Mi-Band 7?

How Can You Improve Your Physical Health with the Xiaomi Mi-Band 7?

Heart disease makes up 19% of the cause of death among Filipinos. A bad diet and poor attention to fitness can bring your life to this situation. But, it is avoidable if you choose to improve your physical health.

The Xiaomi Mi-Band 7 has been available in the Philippines since June 2022. It has been in the market for over six(6) months as one of the best affordable smartwatches. The Mi-band 7 is a compact fitness watch with 120 sports modes to enjoy. And in this article, we will talk about 4 amazing ways to improve your physical health with the Xiaomi Mi-Band 7.

Set Achievable Goals

There is a powerful quote that states; begin with the end in mind. This simple quote applies to our daily lives, and it also applies to fitness. Before you start an activity, make a plan that is achievable from your present physical condition. You can consult with a friend if you have no idea what your daily goals should be. Or, you can consult a professional fitness coach for better guidance. Setting a goal is necessary when working to improve your health. And it has to be achievable to avoid burn-out and injuries.

Begin with Walking

The best exercise is walking. It is low impact and burns the extra weight you want to lose. Though running burns more calories, it can be tough on your knees and feet. If you force yourself to run, it may cause you more harm than good. This is not saying cancel running. But consider your weight before you try it out. The Xiaomi Mi-Band 7 has a Walking exercise mode that is insanely accurate. It uses your cellphone GPS to compute the distance walked, and the built-in pedometer counts your steps. It also records your calories burned which is important for tracking progress. You can start with the Walking feature on your Mi-band 7 to slowly calibrate your body to physical activity. Aside from burning fat, walking develops muscles in your legs which will be very helpful when you transition to Running(I’m sure you will).

Stand up and Walk Around

Sitting too long may have unhealthy effects on your body. In an article published at, prolonged sitting has been linked to cardiovascular diseases. Sitting for long periods of hours is common for many of us. Especially for those who have desk jobs or people working from home online. Though this may sound alarming, taking a 10 minutes break per hour can help improve our health. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has a built-in Stand Reminder. The feature sends a notification if you have been sitting for 50 minutes straight. And it is astonishingly accurate. The schedule or time for the reminder is also customizable from the application on your phone. The Stand Reminder is a simple feature of the Mi-Band 7, but it has a powerful impact on your health.

Get at Least 7 Hours of Sleep

The CDC recommends 7 hours of sleep per night for adults. Sleep is vital if you want to dramatically change your physical health. During sleep, our body repairs damaged cells and recharge our system for more energy the following day. You will be most effective with enough sleep. Sleep will also prevent dependency on stimulants or energy drinks. Because you may not need that jar of caffeine if you had a good night's rest. And a way to count your hour's rest is to monitor your sleep. And during sleep monitoring, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 becomes handy. The lightweight build of the watch makes it perfect as a wearable during sleep. It is not bulky and feels like it is not even on your wrist. Compared to other fitness trackers, they are difficult to neglect because of their size. The Xiaomi Mi Band also has an awesome sleep analysis. It can tell you how long you have had a light or deep sleep, how long you were awake, and how long you were in the REM zone. And most importantly, it gives statistics comparing your sleep quality to the rest of the users. This data is helpful for awareness of the quality of sleep you are having.

Improve Your Physical with The Xiaomi Mi-Band 7

Those are four simple ways the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 assists your daily activities for an improvement of your physical health. Though I only mention walking, the Mi Band 7 has 120 sports modes. All with a point of accuracy to make your physical activity much more effective. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is lightweight and durable. Its slim build does not affect your mobility and comfort during exercise. And during sleep, the watch monitors your slumber, but without stress from an object strapped on your wrist. Lastly, it is also very durable and water resistant up to 50 meters of depth, with a battery life that can last up to 14 days with conventional use.
You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 on Sale at different online stores. It is the most affordable high-performance sports band on the market today. Own a Mi Band 7 now and start your journey towards improving your physical health.