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FeaturePoints is one of the best survey sites available online. The survey platform has a dynamic user interface and is also available on mobile. Navigating inside the FeaturePoints website and FeaturePoints app is very easy and the menus are well organized. 

In this article we are going to discuss the following bullet points:
  • What is FeaturePoints?
  • Is FeaturePoints a Legit website? 
  • How to sign up on FeaturePoints?
  • How can you earn with FeaturePoints? 
  • How much can you earn with FeaturePoints?

What exactly is FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints is an online survey website. The website hosts surveys from brands all over the world. They ask users a different set of questions that reflect a product's effectiveness in the market. Aside from surveys, FeaturePoints also offers other micro job tasks like installing and playing an app. Yes, you can earn money by installing an app on your cellphone and using the app for some period of time.

Like any other survey website, FeaturePoints will pay their users survey credits which can be converted to real money. The questions are very easy to answer, and the typical duration for each survey is from 5 to 20 minutes. The longer the survey, the higher the points you can earn. 

Is Feature Points a Legit Website? 

Yes, it is a legit website and you can find different tutorials on Youtube on how you can earn with FeaturePoints. FeaturePoints is one of the best online surveys on the internet. They have tons of available surveys and you take them either on desktop or on mobile. 

With the mobile application, you can make good use of your vacant time by earning money online through surveys.

How to sign up on FeaturePoints?

Sign up with FeaturePoints is so convenient. You can create an account on FeaturePoints, either through your Facebook or Gmail. You can use your profile on Facebook or Google to immediately start taking surveys.

How can you earn with FeaturePoints?

The main tasks to start making money are online surveys. After you complete a survey you will be immediately credited with survey points which is equivalent to real money. But one good feature of FeaturePoints is, it has other programs to help you earn money online aside from surveys. And these tasks are relatively easy to complete. Having surveys and other programs to help you earn money makes FeaturePoints a good website to start earning online. 

So what are these programs and methods that earn you money? 

First, is the online surveys. 

Below is a typical dashboard of an online survey from FeaturePoints. You select any of these surveys, and after you complete answering questions you will be rewarded with points. 

The second is to offer walls 

Offer walls contain tasks from sponsors of the survey website. Each task has equivalent points that you can earn. They are no different than taking surveys because these are micro jobs tasks. Micro jobs mean they are easy to complete and does not require a lot of technical skill. 

Earn Money Online

The third is to save money through cashback 

Cashback is a process when you purchase something from an online store, that store returns a percentage of your money. If you like to shop online with big brands, then you will love FeaturePoints cash back program. The cashback wall shows all the brands FeaturePoints has partnered with the program. And after each successful purchase, you will earn a percentage of that money as a cashback.

Fourth is by Raffle

To keep things exciting, FeaturePoints included a funfair feature, which is an online raffle. A token will be given after every 20 points you make. The more points you earn, the more tokens you can use to participate in the online raffle. 
Earn Money Online

The fifth is by downloading apps 

FeaturePoints will pay you for installing and testing a recommended app. This is a task that you normally do with your mobile phone. The task is so simple, and FeaturePoints is paying you for each download.
Earn Money Online

Finally, is by referrals 

You can earn bonuses every time you refer someone to FeaturePoints using your community link. It is a way FeaturePoints thanking you for bringing in more workers to the platform. The more people you can convince to install the app, the more you can earn.
Earn Money Online

How much can you earn with FeaturePoints? 

FeaturePoints sounds heaven-sent. It is easy to use, requires no skill to earn money, and the job is very easy. The latter definition is the definition of a dream job. Though this sounds amazing, FeaturePoints belongs to the micro jobs category. And I will be very honest to you, it will not make you rich. 

The real rate of micro jobs is only $2 to $4 per hour. 

Though that does not sound much, it is still a decent amount of money, especially if you are living in a country where dollar prices are much higher. 

The way you can maximize your earnings with FeaturePoints is through referrals. If you can convince many users per day to register using your link, then you would be earning more points every day. 

Your payment from FeaturePoints will be credited directly to your PayPal account. The minimum withdrawal is 5,000 points or equivalent to $ 5. If you really spend a lot of time with FeaturePoints, then it is possible that you would be withdrawing $ 10 per day by online doing simple tasks online.

Honest opinion with FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints is one of the best survey sites available online. The website and its mobile application platform is very easy to use and well organized. On top of that, FeaturePoints also has other offers to help you earn money online aside from the surveys. Staying on the website earning money will not be boring because you can switch with the different methods available.

But it is good to note that Feeaturepoints belongs to the micro job category, which means it will not pay much. You will not get rich and the $ 10 per day may not be enough for you to earn a full-time income online. So mega tip number 1, is do not rely on survey websites as a way to earn a full-time income online. 

You can use FeaturePoints or Prizerebel as a side gig that can help you earn money during your free time. Spending too much time on survey sites may lose you more opportunities for making a substantial amount of money that can fully support your needs. 

Survey sites, like FeaturepPoints, may not be for everyone, especially those who are looking for a full-time income online. But if you have spare time and looking for a legit side hustle, then signing up to FeaturePoints will not bring you any regrets. And if you want to earn more points, you should also explore the method of referrals. Sharing the link on your social media can help you earn money online.

FeaturePoints may not be the goose that lays the golden egg, but it is a sure legit website that pays you real money. Sign up with FeaturePoints and take a feel on how the platform works. You don’t need to spend the bulk of your time to earn money. You can access the app and take the surveys during your breaks. FeaturePoints is an online money-making platform that you can try now, and a legit website that can help you earn some extra buck.