Simple Tasks To Make Money From Home - [Micro jobs]

Make Money From Home

Wouldn’t it be great if there are simple tasks online that can help you earn money? Well, there are. And there are plenty of websites that offer these kinds of jobs. 

This category of online jobs is called micro jobs

From the name itself, these are small and easy tasks that you can complete for a span of 10 to 15 minutes and you will be paid per volume of tasks you complete online. 


But can micro jobs earn you real money and how much? 

Depending on which country you are in, micro jobs can earn real money above the minimum wage. Earning money from home doing micro jobs can be an option especially if you are stuck at home and opportunities to earn a stable income is not available. 

The advantage of micro jobs is they are very easy to complete tasks and only requires basic computer knowledge. 

If you are someone who spends hours on mobile games, maybe you should trade-off some of those hours earning money.

What are the tasks available in Micro Jobs? 

The tasks inside micro jobs websites are easy to complete and they are not stressful for someone that is looking for an easy way to earn money online. 

The following are some of the tasks available inside the best micro jobs website:

  1. Language Categorization
  2. Language Translation
  3. Submitting Photos
  4. Image Annotation
  5. Watching YouTube Videos
  6. Sharing YouTube Videos
  7. Downloading Apps

Yes, item 5 which you normally do can earn you money online. There are websites that pay you to watch videos on YouTube. 

The tasks are very basic and are easy money from home. 

In general, what you are doing on these platform for items 1 to 4, is helping artificial intelligence (AI) understand basic human functions. 

Basically, you help provide robots to understand what an object is. And it really sounds amazing that you earning to improve the quality of technology.

Items 5 to 7 are helping creators have that boost on Google’s algorithm. In the case of YouTube videos, channels are not immediately recommended by Google to a variety of users worldwide. But if the videos receive a boost from users around the world then it would be highly recommended. In simple terms, if a lot of people watch a video from different countries, then Google will see it as a quality video and promote it to more users. The same is also true for downloading apps, you are helping the promotion of that app and at the same time provide feedback if that app actually works.

So what are the best Mirco Jobs website? 

I would not say that they are the best, but they sure pay real money. Most of these websites pay through PayPal, so you all need to learn how to create a PayPal account.


Here are three (3) legit money making micro jobs website:

  1. Clickworkers
  2. Rapidworkers
  3. Remotasks

Though the three all belong to the micro jobs category, they all have a specific specialization that can help you earn money online.

They all offer digital tasks that can be completed at home. Micro jobs can be done anywhere as long as you have a computer and access to the internet. And yes, you can do it over lunch break at work because these are not spammy websites, and often not blocked by corporate firewalls. 

So what are the differences between Clickworkers, Rapidworkers, and Remotasks?

Clickworkers are more centered on tasks submitted for AI and provide information to software. And if you are lucky enough then your information will be used by big brands lick Zoom. And the greatest advantage of Clickworkers among the three is it pays in euros. If you are living in a country where the exchange rate of euros is higher, then you are bound to earn more.

Rapidworkers are for those who want to earn money doing normal day to day tasks, like watching YouTube videos and sharing them on social media.

Remotasks, similar to Clickworkers, works for information required by artificial intelligence. The simplest might be the Amazon product categorization and the 2-D image categorization. But what’s special about Remotasks is, they have LIDAR projects from autonomous vehicles. The self-driving cars from Tesla. 

LIDAR cannot be considered as a micro job and it requires a strong internet connection and computer, but it pays 10 times more.

How much can earn you earn from Micro Jobs website?

When you start, you’d probably earn around $ 1.5 per hour because the tools inside the platform require a little familiarization. But as you are more comfortable using these tools, completing tasks would be very easy. 

The rate can be around $ 2 to $ 3 per hour when become familiar with the tools properly. 

The final thought of it all is we were able to discuss another method of earning money online. Micro jobs are legit money from home strategy that pays real money doing simple tasks. The initial investment is minimal and requires basic computer skills to get started. 

Earning around $ 16 per day might be a better option for you if you are starting freelancing and a work from home career.