Work From Home with Remotasks - [Micro Jobs & LIDAR]

Work From Home

Remotasks might be one of the best websites available if you want to start a career online while working from home. The website offer jobs that only require a computer and an internet connection to start making money.

But is Remotask a good choice for work from home? 

Remotasks is operated by Scales Lab Inc and is a micro jobs website, but later on, added LIDAR projects. The websites operate on a principle that workers are paid for each completed task online. 

The projects are simple and will only require basic computer skills and short training to qualify. 

The training will be provided by Remotasks and each completed training will qualify you for a task.

How to sign up on Remotasks?

The easiest way to register is to sign up via Google account. Connecting your Gmail will instantly create a working profile on the Platform. 

There is also an option to connect your Facebook instead of your Gmail account.

The website also requires you to be at least 18 years old to work for them and your identity will be verified via SMS.

After having an account, the next step is now to find tasks that you can work on. 

What are the jobs available in Remotasks?

Remotasks Dashboard

You can find the following jobs inside Remotasks

  1. Categorization - The job is about assigning a category to a product. Some of these jobs involve working with Amazon products by labeling the correct category of a product.
  2. Image/Video Annotation - The job involves the placement of squares or circles around objects in an image or video. The labels are already available in the tool inside Remotasks and all you have to do is place those labels at the objects inside the image.
  3. Image/Audio Transcription - The tasks involve typing what you see on images or typing what you hear from audio files.
  4. LIDAR Projects - The term LIDAR is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging. Projects under LIDAR are advanced jobs inside Remotasks. They are not considered as a micro job and LIDAR requires a powerful computer and a strong internet connection. 


The job is similar to Image and Video annotation but the big difference is you would be working on LIDAR data.

Where can you find tasks or jobs in Remotasks and how can you qualify? 

Look for the training menu inside the website. This menu displays the trainings you have completed at Remotasks, and trainings available to qualify for a project. 


So you might be hesitant to apply because you lack the confidence to pass the training. 

That is not a worry with Remotasks, because even if you fail the training program for Micro Jobs, you can retake that exam as many times as you can until you pass. 

YES, you can have multiple exam retakes. 

The exam is not to fail a worker but the exam is designed to train the workers on the tools to be used inside Remotasks.


In the case of LIDAR, you can apply directly inside Remotasks or inquire inside the Remotasks community where can you join the closest LIDAR boot camp. The LIDAR Bootcamp is a training facility available in a city for taskers who want to join LIDAR.

Remotasks has a very active online community and if you drop a question inside the chat group, someone will always be kind enough to help you.

Before you start to apply online for LIDAR, inquire inside the Remotasks community if a Bootcamp is available in your area.

Is Remotasks a legit website? 

Yes, it is a legit website that will pay real money for working online. The website gets a lot of traffic from workers every day. And from the data of Similarweb

Remotasks Online Traffic

The top 5 countries that visit Remotasks are:

  1. Venezuela
  2. Philippines
  3. Kenya
  4. Colombia
  5. Argentina

How much I earn from Remotasks? 

If you are just starting doing micro jobs, you can surely earn $1.5 per hour. Getting familiar with the tools inside Remotasks requires practice. But once you are more experienced, you can earn as much as $ 4 per hour.


For LIDAR projects, the earnings are way higher compared to micro jobs tasks. Before when LIDAR was not known by many, you can earn as much as $80 per day for tasks that can be completed in 6 hours. 

If you can complete 5 tasks for 1-week, then that would be $ 400. 

Today doing LIDAR is still pretty awesome, each task can still earn you $40 for a project that can be completed in 6 hours. 

What is clear though for both micro jobs and LIDAR, how much you can earn depends on your level of skill. The highly skilled you become, the quicker you can complete tasks, and the more money you will earn.

What computers needed to work with Remotasks? What internet speed required for Remotasks?

For micro jobs at Remotasks, basic i3 laptops would work very well with a stable 5-MBPS internet.

But for LIDAR projects, you will need a powerful computer and a faster internet connection. 

Your computer should be at least running on i5, components similar to a gaming PC, and with a 30 MBPS internet  Working below these specs will not maximize your chances to earn money doing LIDAR in Remotasks.

What is the payment method of Remotasks?

Remotasks will pay you via Paypal every week. Remotasks also does not have a minimum cash-out amount. 

Remotasks will pay for an amount equivalent to what you have worked for that week. 

Even if you only completed a task equivalent to a dollar, Remotasks will still send that dollar to your PayPal account. This is convenient because you will surely receive money for what you have worked for that week.

Who is Remotasks for? 

The website Remotasks is for anyone who is at least 18 years with a computer, a stable internet connection and is looking for a way to earn money online. 

The website Remotasks is a good start if you want to start a Freelancing career. 

What must be your working attitude joining Remotasks? 

Remotasks value accuracy. Each task or project has a reviewer that will validate your work. 

Inaccurate jobs are not acceptable by Remotasks, and frequent inaccurate submissions will get you banned from a project.

If you are banned from a project you can no longer receive tasks specific to that project, but you can still apply and work for other projects that you are still active.

Remotasks will provide you sufficient time to complete tasks, thus work on it carefully and don’t rush the submission. 

Don’t risk yourself from being banned on a project. 

The key to being successful and earn more money inside Remotasks is to be active in many projects inside the platform.

Also, there is conflicting advice on the internet about Remotasks, and if it is really worth working for. Some will agree that Remotasks is a good way to make money online, while others will say that it is just a waste of time. 


The frustration from Remotasks comes from false expectations.

Please do manage your expectations of what you can earn online with Remotasks. You will only earn between $ 1.5 to $ 4 per hour doing micro jobs. 

And if you need more money, then save what you earn from micro jobs in Remotasks and invest them on a computer and internet connection that can qualify you for LIDAR projects.

The website Remotasks is a good recommendation for anyone who wants to start a career online and enjoy the work from home freedom. Remotasks is a legit website that pays you weekly via PayPal. And is a good choice for anyone who wants to make money online while working from home.