Easy money Online - Survey Site Philippines - [Prizerebel]


Completing surveys on websites to earn money is the easiest way to make a buck. It only requires your phone or computer, an internet connection, and a Gmail account to sign-up. Prizerebel is one of the legit survey sites on the internet that pays users after answering simple questions.

If ranked by Google, Prizerebel would be one of the best survey sites in the Philippines to date. Taking surveys is an online job, which means you can earn from this method anywhere. 

So how can you create an account with Prizerebel? 

There are two options to sign up for Prizerebel, first is to create an account by connecting your Facebook or create a profile with your personal information together with your Gmail address. Prizerebel will then send you an email to verify your identity through Gmail and activate your survey account. 

After your account is activated, immediately proceed to the account info menu. Here you can double-check your personal information and provide your Paypal account. Your payment for completing surveys will be credited to your PayPal account.


The registration process of Prizerebel is easy and convenient. What you need to get started is only your Gmail account and your PayPal to be used for payment after taking surveys.

How can you earn in Prizerebel? 

Like most work from the home site, you will be paid after each completion of a task. The tasks in Prizerebel are surveys. Each survey is equivalent to points and you can, later on, convert those Prizerebel points to real money.


Aside from the surveys, Prizerebel also has Offer Wall. The Offer Wall contains tasks with bonus earning points. The offers are either, big-ticket surveys or other micro jobs such as online product categorization.

How much can you earn in Prizerebel? 

The conversion of Prizerebel points to money is 100 points for $ 1. The minimum cash-out at Prizerebel is 500 points or equivalent to $ 5. And after you process the cashout, the money will be credited to your PayPal account. Comparing Prizerebel rates to other survey sites, the conversion is one of the highest out there.

What is the downside to Prizerebel?

Prizerebel is a survey site that belongs to the micro job category. Though many YouTubers promoting Prizerebel claim that you can earn more than $ 20 per day, the amount is merely an exaggeration. 

Online surveys are the lowest paying category when it comes to micro jobs, even if the survey comes from one of the best survey sites out there. 

Surveys will only earn you around $ 8 per day if you are lucky to receive continuous surveys, one after another.  The surveys given to you is not consistent because it is distributed across all users in the platform, and at the same time, surveys are tailored to your personal profile. If there are no surveys that match your browsing history, your job, your age, your location, your spending capacity...etc, then no surveys will be provided to you. 

Who is Prizerebel for?

Though Prizerebel does not pay much you can still consider this platform to earn money online if:

  1. You are looking for a convenient way to earn money online
  2. If you are curious about how survey sites work
  3. If you have a lot of spare time

And Prizerebel is definitely not for you if you are looking for a stable way to earn money online or you are looking for a source of full-time income online. There are other ways to earn money online that can provide a stable source of income. 


But if you are experimenting with different sources of income online and you are looking for a legit survey site, then Prizerebel is a good choice. Sign up to Prizerebel and start earning money taking surveys. Prizerebel is convenient, easy to use, and has one of the highest conversion of survey points to real money.