3 Perfect Jobs for Teens on Fiverr


Gigs for Teens on Fiverr
Jobs for teens on Fiverr
Fiverr is the best platform for anyone who wants to start a freelancing career. Fiverr is one of the top freelancing websites in the world and opportunities to earn are for everyone, even if you are below 18 years old.

Anyone is free to offer services on Fiverr, but let us talk about three awesome gigs that a teenager can start today. And yes, a service is called a gig inside Fiverr and we will talk more about that later.

What is Fiverr?

In case you do not know, Fiverr is a freelancing website where clients will order a service from a Freelancer. It works like Amazon but only it sells services instead of products. Anyone can go to Fiverr, search for services they need, and buy a service from a freelancer. And as a freelancer, you’d be waiting for that order.

Your services are called gigs inside Fiverr and your gig description is what buyers can read.

We can talk more about gigs after we run through some important stuff to get you started into Freelancing.

Why choose Fiverr? 

The number one reason would be because Fiverr is a legit freelancing website that pays real money. Your payment will be credited to your account using their available payment methods

Second, Fiverr accepts freelancers as young as 13 years old. If you are a teenager looking for a job online, then starting an account on Fiverr would be one of your best choices.

What are the jobs for teens on Fiverr?

Okay, let us now talk what are the jobs teens can start on Fiverr. 

First is the Teenage voiceovers Gigs

Jobs for teens on Fiverr
Jobs for teens on Fiverr
Teenage voiceovers are perfect because as the title says, you will provide a voiceover of a teenage character. The reason I say this is easy because you are a teen and it will not be difficult to project a teenage voice.

The demand for this service is from creators producing a video or a podcast looking for teenagers to give life to a character. Each day, thousands of creators are uploading content on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms, and each of them is your potential customer. 

To get started, aside from your computer and the internet, we will also need a little set-up to enhance your voiceover services. And do not worry, Amazon has tons of choices, that is super affordable but with good quality.

Because you are doing voiceover, you will need a Microphone to record good quality audio. Something that costs $20 on Amazon would be perfect. Finally, install free software like Audacity because there are times you will need some effects on your voice. There are plenty of Audacity Tutorials available online and check them out to learn simple voice editing. 

Quality output is the key to have a successful career in Fiverr. Because like Amazon, no one wants to receive a defective order.

Second is PDF to Word jobs on Fiverr

jobs for teens on fiverr
Jobs for Teens on Fiverr
If you are reading this, chances are, you know how to use a computer and you are already proficient with Microsoft Word. 

I would be honest with you; this job is a little bit competitive on Fiverr because adults are also offering such services. But we can talk about some strategy later and discuss how you can stand-out.

The job is basic and all you need to do is retype a text from a piece of document to Microsoft word. Your potential customers are businesses or private people who have scanned journals, diaries, or old researched papers and they want to have a digital file.

PDF to Word jobs is one of the largest online side hustles and there are even private companies focused on offering this service. 

If your skill in typing is OK, then you only need your computer and internet for PDF to Word jobs on Fiverr.

The third is writing Poetry Gigs on Fiverr

Jobs for teens on Fiverr
Jobs for teens on Fiverr

Now, this might scare you, because you did not do very well in your English subjects. 

But have you seen poetry websites? Or Inspirational quotes websites? 

Are contents on those websites matches even close to the poetry from your English subject? 

The answer is NO. These marketing websites do not post deep and well-structured poetry, rather, they only need a few words, pieced together in a manner that makes sense. 

Now, can you do that? Of course, you can.

Poetry has so many uses on the internet and it will always be a good job for a teen on Fiverr. It pays well and there is an actual demand. 

How much can a teenager earn on Fiverr?

How much you will earn will depend on the number of orders you receive and the price of your gig. Now we will talk about how you can receive orders, how you can stand-out from other freelancers, also how you can package your gigs to be attractive to customers.

SEO Keywords

This may sound a little bit technical, but you need to learn about SEO keywords and apply them to your gig title and description. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a strategy to make your gigs more visible on searches. 

But do not worry, what we need is the basics of SEO only, and that is keywords. You simply need to know the words being searched for in Fiverr. One simple way to look for keywords is to run an actual search on Google or Fiverr. Type in the first two words and see the recommended phrases by the search bar. From these recommendations, write your gig title and gig description. 

An example of a keyword is “voice over jobs” and “PDF to Word”. You must make sure that a keyword appears naturally, at least once on your title and a couple of times on your description. This will tell the search engine algorithm what your gig is about.

An attractive gig description

Don’t worry, after you create a seller account on Fiverr, you will be provided with a free online course on how you should set-up your whole Fiverr profile. But let us have a head start here. 

Together with the keywords, your gig description must be precise and clear about the services you are selling. If you are selling PDF to Word services, clearly define what is your goal or how you can be of value to a buyer and why they should buy your service. 

Write something professional. Like, tell them you are proficient with MS Office and you can write somewhat words per minute. The main focus here is to convince a browsing buyer to hire you.

Finally, include a very competitive pricing. Because you are only new to Fiverr, do not make your price very unreasonable. Buyers will see your stats and overconfidence will discourage them. Be more humble and start with a service prized with the minimum $5. 

There is no shame in copying

Well, actually there is shame if you copy everything word for word, but what you need to do is take inspiration from successful gigs. Take notice of how these freelancers structure their titles and description and apply everything to your own gig. You can use powerful words in your title to make it more convincing.

Tips to receive your first Fiverr order(s)

Now, let us talk about how you can get positive reviews and how you can complete more jobs. 

Reviews are relevant on Fiverr because it is a store, and like our behavior on Amazon, we are opted to buy something that has positive reviews from previous buyers. And the way to do this is to ask someone to buy a service from you on Fiverr. 

The same strategy is being used by e-commerce stores and you are not violating any rules here.

After buying, ask your partner to leave a 5 star and a quality review.  

Secondly and going back to the poet example. What if you are not a poet? 

Familiar with the expression, two heads are better than one? 

Applying that expression here, invite some of your buddies to pitch in or ask them to work with you on your orders. Form a little partnership with them and make the freelancing process very easy. 

Creating a group of Fiverr Freelancers is a good strategy to complete more jobs quickly. It’s like starting your own, mini start-up Freelancing Company.

Finally, create a YouTube channel or a simple Facebook page where you can show your customers your talent. This will make your Freelancer profile more legit because you are creating a space where people can check your work. 

Also, having a social media space will increase your credibility as a legit freelancer.

Final thoughts on Jobs for teens on Fiverr

What we have talked about here are only 3 jobs for teens on Fiverr. Create an account on Fiverr and browse on the marketplace and check out active profiles. The marketplace will have plenty of inspiration to guide you on how you can proceed as a teenage freelancer on Fiverr.

Most of all, if you are in your teens and looking for ways to earn money online, then you are very ahead of the pack. Your desire to earn at a young age will open other opportunities as you grow. Freelancing is not only to earn money, treat it also as a practical test to improve your skill, and connect with other people.