A Quick Guide to Earning Money with TextRoyal Writing Jobs

A Quick Guide to earning money online with writing jobs on TextRoyal
 A Quick Guide to Earning Money with TextRoyal Jobs

Earn Money with TextRoyal Writing Jobs

If you are someone who genuinely loves writing and is looking for an online job, then hurry over to TextRoyal. It is a legit website that you can work as a freelance writer and be paid per word you write. TextRoyal works with thousands of freelancers around the world to handle global clients. 

Now, let us have a quick discussion on who is TextRoyal and how you can start earning with writing jobs. 

What is TextRoyal? 

TextRoyal is a company that provides professional writing content to individuals or businesses. It’s like a store where you can buy writing jobs on any form of content.

And from the perspective of a freelancer, it is a website to find writing jobs and get paid.

What Are The Writing Jobs at TextRoyal?

The writing jobs at TextRoyal can be distinguished into three categories. Web, Academic, and Custom content.

Web Content

Web content basically means that you will be working on projects related to writing for a website or social media. These writing projects have a more conversational tone to connect with the general audience. 

Here is a list of web content jobs at TextRoyal:

  • SEO Content
  • Website Article
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • Product Description

You don’t need to master everything, work on what you’re good at and learn the rest as you grow your career inside TextRoyal.

But on the six types of writing jobs, we can condense them on having only two important components. First is, your content should be engaging. This means that you must avoid hard-to-read sentences to capture the audience's attention. 

The goal would be is to convince your audience to read what you wrote.

Then finally, it has to be SEO friendly. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO has a technical definition, but in writing, it’s a style that allows search engines to understand what the content is about. Make some quick read about SEO because it’s very useful in growing your career as a web content writer.


From the name itself, these are academic writing contents like research papers. If web content has a more casual tone, academic documents will have the traditional writing format. Academic articles are writing with facts, not mere opinions, and with a good vocabulary. 

These types of projects will be coming from students or professionals having a hard time balancing busy schedules, and you are the freelancer that will help them pass a subject.

Custom Content

It's worth noting that projects you’d be working on will depend on the customer's request. Custom contents are requested from clients for any type of content that requires professional writing from you.

How can you be accepted in TextRoyal?

You need to pass qualification tests to confirm your skills in writing. The test will have two parts, the first is the multiple-choice questions. Most of these questions are coming from their policy manual that you should study. Passing this test is easy because you can always refer to the file they will provide.

The second test is a hands-on assessment. After completing the first test, you’d be given a scenario where you need to write something based on the instructions. Read the instructions carefully, and write good content out of them. The result of this test will determine if you can start earning on TextRoyal or not. Remember TextRoyal is a company of writers and it will be looking for good writing.

Now, How Much Can You Earn on TextRoyal?

Your payment will depend on the quality and number of jobs you complete. But, the more successful freelancers inside TextRoyal are earning $1400 per month and only working for a few hours per day.

How much you will earn per month will depend on two things, quality and quantity. Thus, don’t fall into the common mistakes of focusing first on volume. Work on your quality first, and surely the quantity will follow together with the growth of your talent in writing. 

Finally, When Can You Start Earning Money From TextRoyal Writing Jobs

Sign up now with TextRoyal and start your journey on earning for writing jobs. Creating an account on this website is free and you will have the opportunity of joining a legit freelancing website. The writing jobs on TextRoyal is perfect for someone who loves writing and is starting a freelancing career online.

Writing jobs on TextRoyal are not bound by a schedule or a specific project to work with. If you qualify as a writer on TextRoyal, you are free to select projects you're confident of delivering quality content, and on hours that best suit your schedule. 

You’d also be earning a decent amount of money, and you can choose if TextRoyal will be a side hustle or a source of full-time income. 

Create an account now and begin to receive writing jobs on TextRoyal and join the thousands of freelancers earning money online.