5 Helpful Benefits of Having an Evil Boss


5 Helpful Benefits of Having an Evil Boss

Let’s not be very technical about the definition of the word ineffective. And let us just say, he is someone who has a higher position and makes you feel awful at work.

If you’re working in corporate like me, I know you’ve met this guy. It’s the revered person that sits on a beautiful desk with a personal coffee maker and a new ergonomic chair. Working with an insensitive guy like him is difficult and depressing. But, let’s look at it from a different perspective and identify what are the advantages of working under an evil boss.

The first benefit of having an awful person as a leader is you have a breathing example of what you don’t want to be when you grow up. Or, what you don’t want to be when you get promoted at the corporate ladder. It can be difficult to identify what characteristics you must possess to become a good leader. Good leadership seminars and mentorship can be expensive. But if you’re with an evil boss, your path is simplified because you know what to avoid if want to be a good leader.

The second benefit is there is always energy inside the office. From time to time you’ll hear him screaming and basically blaming the world for your inadequacies. He is also good at amplifying problems. He amplifies them so much that both of you wasted precious time talking about the problem instead of working for a solution. This experience is terrifying, but the level of energy your BOSS has in the office will keep you awake. You don’t need an extra teaspoon of coffee to remain active.

The third is you can use your BOSS’s energy to get back on someone. We all have that one person on the floor that is difficult to work with. It's that one person who has no earthly idea what teamwork is. And she creates her own personal work structure and templates.

Yeah, do you have that person at work? That one lovely angel who can’t see the value of a standardized template?

Well, what I’m about to say is mean and I don’t recommend you should do this. But, you can use your evil BOSS’s energy to fry that adorable workmate of yours. During meetings, steer your BOSS’s laser cannon towards her. It’s one way of repurposing Dark Vader.

The fourth is it can also be good for your health. I know you hate exercise, and you’ve gained some weight, judging from that college photo you’re displaying on your work desk. Your evil BOSS can help you resolve your weight issues. Because his arrogance operates at a wide radius, you now have a good reason to walk around the building floor. Get to know some of your workmates better. Or have a short lap from the pantry, to the copier, and back to your desk. And without even knowing it, you’ve completed 2 kilometers of walk. This mild cardio can help your body prepare for the intense workout you’re about to partake. And YES, those love handles need more than just walking.

Finally, the fifth benefit and my favorite, we will have something creative to talk about during Friday night outs. Beer is best served cold. But an interesting topic to talk about will make it even better. You’ve just spent an entire week adjusting to a hurricane in the office. I’m sure by the end of the workweek; you’re filled with momentous events you would want to share with your buddies. It will keep your mini-reunion alive, and sharing personal experiences helps strengthen the bonds among friends.

Final thoughts on the 5 Helpful Benefits of Having an Evil Boss

Some of us may have different experiences. But for you and me, who have worked with this type of person, or is continuously working with this type of person, let’s just look at our situation from a different angle. Let’s look for a rainbow within that dark cloud.

And while we are developing psychological real-estates inside our head to escape trauma, let’s also update our resume, and book the next ticket out.