A Self Motivational Quote about Taking the First Step

Self Motivational Quote - Taking the first Step
Self Motivational Quote - Taking the First Step
Just recently, I came across a self-motivational quote that is both powerful and inspirational.

“Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up.” – Isabelle Lafleche

All of us have a passion, whether it’s in sport, woodworking, music, and other forms of arts. I’m sure that if you dig deep inside you right now, you can discover a passion that you can be proud of. 

What’s common to most of us when it comes to our passions or dreams? 

Well, most of us lack the courage to express our dreams or passion because we value the opinion of others. Sometimes, we value these opinions too much to the point that we prevent something good to happen in our lives. We care too much about other people’s judgment on how we look, how we speak, and how we write. And because we lack mentors or motivators, we hide our dreams inside a box and keep them hidden. 

Because of other people’s opinions, we lack the courage to express what we are passionate about.

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But what if, right now, you and I will stand against our own personal judgment and take the first step in pursuing our dreams? I am saying personal judgment because I am very sure that you are the first judge of your own insecurity before the opinions of others. Before we can even overcome the ridicule of nosy people, you and I need to convince our inner selves that we are amazing, and we are able to dream big and be big. 

Our passion needs our courage to become realities. Though as a simple being as you are, don’t undervalue your talent. We all have something special inside and we all need a little time to discover it. And that little talent you are keeping right now, or that passion you want to pursue can change your life if you take the first step and express it to the world. 

But what’s the meaning of this quote to us? What’s the importance of freeing our talent, our passion, our dreams? 

Well, the first value of this is the realization and avoidance of regrets. Do you want to have a pool of regrets when you are too old to walk, too old to talk, too old to speak? Won’t it be painful to watch yourself in the mirror and animate inside your imagination things you could’ve been if you had just muster all the courage in the world to start singing, writing, dancing, painting, or whatever it is that you want to do? 

You are afraid to be judged by other people?

Okay, as a personal opinion, if we receive judgment from other people, there are two ways we can process that. First, we can look within ourselves about why such a remark was given. We perform a self-evaluation and assess if there are qualities that we do need to improve. Praising yourself and not having people to check your qualities is also unhealthy. We will have a wrong perception of our talent and capabilities. People looking from the outside are more capable of seeing our faults than us declaring them. 

The second and is a little bit tricky is to filter noise from valuable comments. Why do we need to filter noise? Well, if we process inappropriate comments we use valuable energy to something not worth noting. For example, you are good at playing an instrument, then some random person on Facebook says the notes sound bad. If you consider that other person's comment, and in reality, that comment is not true, then doing the self-evaluation to yourself is a total waste of valuable time. The word here is validate. 

Thus, if we receive negative judgment from other people let's not go into defensive mode. Let us first take a look and validate that comment. Let’s be quick to accept faults and room for improvements but let us also be sharp on what we should accept. But even so, you and I must not allow any negative judgment to discourage us from pursuing our passions and dreams. 

If we take the first step right now and decide that we will go for that goal, we are creating different opportunities to be successful in life. We can be happier and we can avoid the painful walk of regret as our sun slowly sets on this earth. It may sound dramatic, but imagine yourself in your 80’s, and you are on your porch counting passing cars and also counting failed realizations of your life, all because you did not take the first step? Regrets and resentments collected at the end of your days are more painful than the judgments you will receive today. 

I hope this blog article finds you well and helps in expounding the shared self-motivational quote. And may you find your true happiness in pursuing your passion and dreams today.

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