The Number One Reason you are Unsatisfied at Work Right Now

What’s the number one reason you are unsatisfied at work right now?

The Number One Reason You are Unsatisfied with your work Right Now
Ok, before we even discuss details about the subject, let it be clear that it’s different for each of us. 

My personal observation and opinion may be different from yours and has no effect on your productivity at work. 

But what I am going to share today is guaranteed relatable.

And if you attach yourself to this mindset, your productivity will definitely reduce, you will feel unsatisfied, and most of all you will limit your opportunity to grow. 

If your job is precious to you, then you definitely need to read this. 

So, why are you not satisfied at work?

Let’s have a quick intro here.

The reason why we work is to make money. This is how our world operates as an employee.

And we work to make money to support our basic needs of living.

What I will be talking about here is a mindset that can result in unproductive behavior. Consistently entertaining this mindset creates a psychological drag.

So what is this negative mindset of an employee affecting productivity?

This is a personal observation from my workplace, but I guarantee that if you manifest this behavior you will be unproductive.

Though this may sound counter-intuitive of having a job, but one of the main reasons that you are unhappy at work right now is the belief that your job can make you rich, and your job can solve all your monetary problems.

This may sound like a line from a Gary Vee podcast, but I am sharing my personal experience and observations of how unhappy people at work behave and think.

There is nothing wrong with the ambition of making more money. But it should not be your number one goal. If you develop this mindset of setting money as your goal, there is no way on Earth you’ll feel happy.

Thus, as a result, you demand more from your company, and sometimes, you overvalue yourself. 

When we say overvalue, we think that we need to be paid more to compensate for the desire to be rich and solve our problems in life. 

Having a goal at work is a good practice. But, the goal should be for self-development instead of money. True, it will be difficult to manifest this behavior because the reason why we go to work is to make money. But your salary, if you really look into it, is beyond your control. 

It’s very difficult to influence management to pay you what you want. Compared to developing your skills at the workplace which you have full control of.

You know what your weaknesses are, focus on improving those areas. Gradually convert yourself to become an asset, and then surely money will flow in.

Even if you speak with successful people, money did not come first. 

Their attitude, their behaviors, their habits, and skills came first then money followed. 

The reality of today’s life, if you don’t have a high paying skill, you will be paid less

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But most of our financial problems cannot be solved by our jobs alone. It’s not all about our salary. Like most people, you may only have one cash flow or one source of income. Thus, you depended so much on the job. And when it’s not solving the problems, the blame falls on the company you are working for. 

Like what was mentioned above, you have less to no control over your salary. But you are fully capable of finding ways to creating new cash flows. What this means is you need to find more sources of income. 

If your job alone is not providing the comfort and the needs of your life, use your time to find new ways to make money.

Of course, if you want to be satisfied at work, you can choose to develop a sense of contentment. But if you have the ambition to make more money, be rich, and solve all your problems with money, do not expect that from your job. It will only leave you disappointed.

Final thoughts of Why you are unsatisfied with your Work Right Now

I know that there are other reasons why we feel disappointed sometimes at work. But one I observe frequently is the belief that our job is enough to create financial freedom. 

Having a job was enough in the past, but there are signs that this is an obsolete idea today. 

And one of the best ways to help ourselves find new sources of income is to learn new skills. Learning a new skill now is easier, especially that a lot of helpful tools are available on the internet. 

Thus, let us focus more on that. Let’s learn new skills on the internet, instead of waiting for a raise. Let’s focus on self-development and diversify our sources of income.

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