How to Make Money Online With the BM800 Condenser Microphone?

Four Ways to Make Money Online With the BM800 Condenser Microphone
How to Make Money Online with the BM800 Condenser Microphone?

The BM800 Condenser Microphone

The BM800 is the most affordable condenser microphone in the Philippine market. You can buy the microphone by itself, or bundled by a Phantom Power device or a V8 Soundcard in Lazada or Shopee. The equipment looks physically decent and is very useful. And in this article, I am giving four different ideas on how you can make money online with your BM800 condenser microphone to get more value for your purchase.

Start a Freelancing Voice Artist Career

A voice over artist is a person that will give life to a video script or text. There’s plenty of applications to this kind of side hustle on the internet. If you visit freelancing websites like Fiverr and Freelancer, you can see that there are people from all over the world who are making hundreds of dollars using this method. 

Though, this side hustle does require a skill in reading with emotion. I don’t want to offer you false hopes that this is a quick and easy way to make money. It is not. But voice overs is a learnable skill and an online side hustle with a decent pay.

Visit the websites Freelancer and Fiverr and see how other freelancers are doing. Being a voice over artist is indeed a unique way to make money using the BM800 condenser microphone.

Read books and Make Money

Did you know that you can make money reading books? If you like reading, consider this method of making money online. There’s a website called It’s a website for authors, publishers and narrators. The role we would want to consider here is the narrating part. Inside this website, you can audition to authors and publishers for a narrating gig. These publishers need you to convert their written article to an audio or a podcast. 

You can make around $10 to $100 per finished hour as a narrator. This means that if you finish an hour of audio, you can earn from $10 to $100. Thus, the way to make more money is to finish more hours.

Start a Facebook Live

This example right here is applicable if you have a talent you can perform through Facebook Live. You can either sing, do a comedy stand-up, or make some sort of a live podcast. As long as you can either be entertaining or educational, this would work.

During this pandemic, I’ve seen artists use this method of making money after it’s impossible to have a gig in a bar. For the popular ones, they have subscriptions to patrons in return for special performances and videos. 

But what if you’re not popular? Subscriptions will work pretty well if you are famous, not so if only a few know you. Thus, you need a different approach to make money through Facebook Live. When you go live, paste a note somewhere that you’re accepting tips through G-Cash, or at any online-wallet. If your audience enjoys your performance, it would not be difficult for them to share a tip for you. 

Before doing it on a Facebook Page, you can beta test this using your personal account with your friends as your possible audience. See how they respond, and how much you can earn. In this manner you’ll have an idea when you do it on a Facebook Page and scale the whole thing up.

Start a Faceless YouTube Channel

YouTube remains the best social media platform to make money. Aside from YouTube’s Partner Program, you can also earn from brand promotion and affiliate marketing, while enjoying posting videos on the internet. And with the BM800, don’t just create that generic life vlog that is already saturated and it’s difficult to rank for, plus you need to show your face. 

YouTube is becoming an authority source of free information. And this is where you can use your BM800 to make money on YouTube. Think of a skill that you have mastery, like cooking, sports history, show business, or even video games. You can make simple slideshows about this topic, and record your voice on top of the video. Affordable video editing apps like InShot or Canva can help you complete this process. The amount of money you would make from this method depends on the size of your audience. And the earlier you start, the more time you have to build a community.

Four Effective Ways to Make Money With the BM800 Condenser Microphone

And there you go, 4 simple ideas on how to make money with the BM800 condenser microphone. But before we end the article, I want to share with you an important tip about recording with the BM800 and V8 Soundcard. And this is, don’t use it on your recording with the V8 soundcard only. Though the microphone and soundcard are powerful and do the basic jobs of recording, its output lacks volume and clarity that may leave you disappointed. Thus, to correct this minor inadequacy, you need to use a Phantom Power to improve the quality of your recording. You can even cross-reference this with other videos on YouTube as well.

Thank you so much for reading my BM800 review and recommendation on how you can use it to make money on the internet. And if this article was somehow useful to you, please do share my blog content on your social media accounts.