What is the Most Accurate Measure of Success - Health or Wealth?

What is the Most Accurate Measure of Success - Health or Wealth?

How to be Successful in Life?

This is an example of a simple question with a complex answer. And before you even find the answer to this question, you will go through a question about your definition of success. And the latter is highly significant for a more accurate view of where you want to be 2 to 3 years from now.

Sometimes a debate between two schools of thought happens because of different definitions of success. But what is really the precise measure of success, money, or health?

Money = Success

One such example is to tie success to financial wealth. Money is the simplest object to possess and receive a perception of success. You can show expensive houses, cars, and other possessions that would amaze people. You can also live a much more comfortable life if you have money. Medical Facilities, Transportation, Housing, and Travel are run on money. And you can get the most out of it if you have the cash to spend. 

And because the benefits of being rich are so inviting, many will define money as the absolute measure of success. If you have money, then you are successful.

And this is the first group of people who measure success with financial wealth.

Health is the True Wealth

Then comes the second group of people who believe good health is the appropriate measure of success. Because true enough, if you do not take good care of your health, money becomes worthless. You can’t travel, you can’t eat good food, you can’t walk around inside your big house or drive your fancy car if you are always sick. 

Plus, the consideration is that you can’t take your money with you in the afterlife. 

True as well that health can be a measure of success. Good health allows you to enjoy many years of your life, free of worries about dying early. When you’re emotionally healthy, you can give comfort to someone who is going through tough times. When you’re mentally healthy, you’re more organized and reasonable.

And there’s just more value you can give to the community when you’re healthy. 

Who is more Successful?

If you speak about money and health, I believe that they are general milestones of being successful. And you can be more specific to make it achievable. Thus, we will go back to the question, what makes a person successful?

I believe the answer to this question is right above health and money. And that is happiness. Genuine happiness with an overflowing sense of positivity.

The belief that money is not essential is out of touch with reality. Money works through everything inside a growing society. The food you eat to survive, sending your children to school, providing a comfortable shelter, and even staying healthy. You can be happier if you have money. Just don’t give in to greed.

There’s no problem with possessing money, but you will be in trouble when you become greedy.

And money also has a relative impact on health. As a society, we have decided to modernize our way of living. And from observation, the healthier options have become more expensive. Processed foods are much cheaper and much more available. And we can’t blame consumers for choosing unhealthy food because it is what they can afford. 

If you do some simple math on home-prepared food. A bowl of vegetable salad is much more expensive than fried chicken or pork. When you cook at home, factor in the time from choosing your healthy produce to serving them at the dinner table. The result of cost would be much more if you compared it to buying a TO GO from a fast food store.

But, if you have money, you can hack your way of buying fresh and healthy vegetables and deliver them to your home. Or, you hire someone to cook a healthy meal for you. 

Though this may seem out of topic, the current industrialized world has robbed us of time. And created a demand for unhealthy consumer foods. Though there’s a way to break this cycle by living a provincial life, only that not everyone has this option.

And we are only talking about food here. We have not touched on exercise and access to quality medical services. Both need money to receive good value.

That’s why genuine happiness can be achieved if you are healthy with money. This is the most practical approach to success. If you and I want to be called successful, let us work on creating enough wealth to afford healthy options in life. Let’s be in touch with the reality that everything around us is greased by money. 

And we don’t have to be greedy. When we have money, we can give more, and we can help more. We can be more generous.

Work to make money, to be on the giving hand instead of the reaching hand. And stay happy because you can afford the better things in life to keep yourself and your family healthy.