The Key to Complete Success and Real Wealth - Patience and Time

The Key to Complete Success and Real Wealth

You can’t expect a million bucks inside your bank account just because you started something radical last month. That’s not how it works. At least for most of us.

Success and wealth are processes and it takes time.

And in this article, we will give meaning to a powerful quote from Leo Tolstoy. This life-changing quote is simple but it packs a special meaning.

A quote about patience and time by Leo Tolstoy

Let us now align the quote to self-development, and how it can condition our mindset towards success. The quote talks about two related items, patience and time. 

Patience - Don't Give Up

A lot of us will fail because we simply lack patience. We are very eager to win something even if we just started. When we see other people succeeding we gain self-confidence, which is good. But what is toxic is to only see the surface of the people who were before us.

We only see results and not the process. A very dangerous perception of victory because it blinds us to the importance of fundamentals. When we do not see immediate results, we feel like a complete failure and give up. Not only do we lose the opportunity to have what's in front of us, we also lose what we invested so far.

Patience is Potential Energy when we are going through the process. Big dreams take time, and with different levels that need hard work. For us to see results when our vision is clear, we need the patience to wait until perfect pieces fall into place. 

When we have patience, we don’t give up.

Time - Spend it Wisely

You can’t create time, you can’t buy time, but it’s there, and poorly managed. 

We can all agree that there is an end to our life. Knowing this reality, we should realize that it’s important to spend our time wisely. When our dreams are far beyond us, we need to lose activities that will not contribute to self-development.

When our goal is to summit the highest mountain, our days before the climb are spent on keeping our bodies strong.

The same when we want to have success and wealth. It will be difficult or impossible to achieve our dreams if we spend our hours consuming mindless content online, or engaging in activities that destroy our physical well-being. 

Though time is free, we should not waste it.

Final Thoughts - Patience Works with Time

The quote The most powerful warriors are patience and time by Leo Tolstoy can be understood from different perspectives. But in the context of success and wealth, it is simply a reminder on spending our time wisely. We should spend it on activities that promote growth, and not self-destruction. And if we have patience over quality spending of time, we will live to see our dreams no matter how big it is.