Why it is Important to Take a Break During Weekends?

Why it is Important to Take a Break During Weekends?
Why it is Important to Take a Break During Weekends?

Why it's Healthy to Take a Break During Weekends?

There are external pressures at work that requires extra hours. Projects that need immediate submission or a colleague asking for help are a few good examples. These added hours at work are sometimes necessary. It helps boost connections with teammates, and overtime pay can aid in paying the bills.

Though everything may seem critical at work, there should be limitations.

In this article, I will share my thoughts on why we all need to take a break on weekends. This is my view as an employee who suffered fatigue, stress, and burnout.

We are Employees, Not the Owner

Working for extra hours excessively can lead to fatigue. Productivity is the first to suffer when exhaustion sets in. We need time to recharge as humans. Even doing desk jobs consumes plenty of energy. And when we suddenly lose all that power, output lessens; and the quality of work diminishes.

Pausing for a while on weekends will give the body time to relax.

Enough sleep helps the body restore energy and replenishes creativity in the brain. Sleep has always been the most underrated activity for recovery. It is a mistake to rely on food and drinks, like coffee and energy bars, with a brief effect on the body's function.

Physical strength and brain functions replenish faster when we allow our body to rest.

You are Slowly Killing Yourself

An employee should never sacrifice their life too much at work. There is no heroes award during retirement, and there are no loud applauses during sick days because of dedication at the office. Overwork manifests fatigue and will cause stress to the body. Then all sorts of illnesses will develop as a damaging consequence. It gives us a dull appearance after being poisoned by too much work.

Health is costly when it weakens, and there’s so much truth to the phrase “Health is Wealth”. The side effects of stress will creep in when least expected. Actions should be taken before it is too late to heal.

The weekends should be used for destressing, among other important things. It does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of public beaches and parks that offer the same relaxation as an out-of-town vacation.

Health is a long-term investment with big gains.

How can someone reap the fruits of career success with frail physical health?

You Have a Life Outside the Office

There have been countless regrets from successful employees that failed in one aspect of life. It’s not only health that is ruined when there is no gap between life and work. Working consumes time which brings fatigue and stress to the body.

But what is sometimes unrealized, is it also takes away the time for family. There are only 24 hours a day that needs to be spent equally between work and personal priorities. Sacrificing family time has an equally worse consequence than sacrificing your health.

The time devoted to growing another man’s business weakens the connection with your wife, children, parents, and even friends. Time is so precious to waste and there is life outside work.

Family over monetary and career gains is not an equal trade.

Simple interaction during dinner and going to church strengthens family relationships.

During times of distress, it is not the CEO or the boss that will come to the rescue. It’s always family that bails a loved one out of trouble. Life is imperfect, and asking for help is always inevitable.

And these people are not only for “rescue”, but they also help celebrate life’s success.

What good is a victory if there’s no one to celebrate it with?

Your Children Need Guidance

Children are also a different consideration. They need guidance from a parent. It is impossible to show that guidance when work is the main focus. Young boys and girls require interaction with their parents to learn what is right and wrong. The connection prepares them for the challenges of the world ahead of them.

These are a few of the reasons why weekends are important for an employee. They should spend it for themselves and should never give it all away to the company they work for. It is time to let the body rest and regain focus and energy. It is also the time to speak and bond with family and friends to have a strong relationship with them.

A successful career is not the only aspect that we should strive to achieve. We must tackle life holistically and also have important awareness of other matters.

And right now, pause work. This is your sign to spend your weekend wisely.