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Online Transcription Jobs on Rev
Are you looking for an online side hustle? Or a website that can help you earn $100 per day?

Today, you and I will talk about Rev.com. We will answer simple questions that might help you decide if you’re going to be an online transcriptionist freelancer.

What is Rev?

Rev is an online transcription website. It’s a website that accepts projects to converts audio or video to text, provides video captions, and enters foreign subtitles to a video. It’s simply a website where clients can visit to get their transcription jobs done.

But in this article, we will be focusing on how you can become a freelancer, and how you can make money from transcription jobs on Rev.

What are online transcription jobs on Rev? 

The first is to Convert Audio or Video to text. Here you convert a video or audio into written word format. Clients needed freelancers for this for a variety of reasons. It can be that they want to document an interview to a written format, or they want to export video or audio content into a blog post. 

Two (2) examples of files that you’d be working on are YouTube videos and recorded interviews.

The second is video captions. This job is placing English subtitles on a video.  And the third is foreign subtitles. 

Videos with text captions do well in delivering a message to an audience. It's received more because the audience can read what they can hear. And that's why content creators hire freelancers to improve their video quality.

How much can you earn as a transcriptionist on Rev?

You can earn $ 1.1 per audio minute. That is per minute of the content you are transcribing. And to emphasize how you're getting paid, you're payment will not be for the number of hours you'll be working on a project. Instead, your payment is on the length of the project you're working on.

Thus, if you’re able to complete a 3-minute video, you’ll get paid $ 3.3 for that. 

Now, let me mention the biggest challenge when you’re starting on Rev. Some audios for transcription are a bit unclear. If you’re ears and brain are not trained to process different voice qualities, your transcriptions will take longer than you’d expect.  

At first, a three (3) minute audio might take you one (1) hour to transcribe. But as you work on more projects, your transcription accuracy and speed will follow. And earning $100 or even more per day is achievable as you become an experienced online transcriptionist. 

What are the benefits of working with Rev? 

An online transcriptionist's work is fully online and work from home. You don’t need to sit at a boring desk, in an office that lets you suffer traffic. You’re also free to choose the hours you want to work and the projects you want to work with. 

Say, you don’t like job interviews because the audios are messy. You can skip those, and you can pick YouTube videos that have a more studio-like voice quality.

And finally, they pay weekly via PayPal. If you’re working and you need money by the weekend then this payment schedule is perfect for you.

How can you apply for Rev?

Okay, before we apply, let's see some of the basic requirements. Since this is an online job and you’ll be working your transcription jobs online, a stable internet connection is a must. And a reliable computer not lower than Core i3 or the equivalent would be preferable to avoid heartaches of a lagging interface. And finish that one off with some comfortable headphones, a chair, and a working desk.

After you got the basic hardware figured out, you create an account with complete personal information. Don't use aliases because it might cause problems during your salary withdrawal.

Once you have your account, you can proceed with taking the evaluation. This is very important, if you can't pass the evaluation, you can't work as a freelancer on Rev. 

The Rev transcription exam will let you demonstrate if you've understood the guidelines. It will also test your mastery of the English language and your transcription accuracy. Strong English language skills and transcription accuracy are fundamental requirements of Rev.com.

Does Rev accept Freelancers from any Country? 

As of the moment no. Right now, Rev only accepts freelancers from Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United States (excluding California). 

Final thoughts on Rev

Rev is another option if you’re currently looking for a website that can help you earn an income online. 

Online transcription is not easy and it needs mastery. At first, you will definitely have a problem understanding the audio you’re going to transcribe. But as you gain more experience on the platform, your transcription will be more accurate and you’ll also develop speed. And as you spend more hours transcribing, you'll also earn more from Rev.

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