What Website You Can Find LiDAR Annotation Online Jobs?

LIDAR Annotation Online Job
 LIDAR Annotation Online Job

LIDAR Annotation Online Job

You have a gaming PC and a strong internet connection, and you’re looking for a side hustle to earn a decent living online. Then LIDAR Annotion online jobs might be perfect for you.

In today’s article let’s talk about how you can make money online with LIDAR annotation jobs. After reading this article, we will answer the following:

What is LIDAR annotation

  • Where can you find LIDAR jobs
  • What are the basic requirements to apply
  • How much can you earn with LIDAR annotation jobs

Now let’s get started. What is LIDAR?

LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It’s a method of measuring variable distances using laser technology. Aside from measuring distance, LIDAR can also be used to make 3-D representations of the earth’s surface and the bottom of the ocean. But today, we will discuss a different application on a website that offers LIDAR jobs.

And the website we are talking about is Remotasks. Remotasks is a crowdsourcing website that receives contracts for LIDAR annotation and hires freelancers like you to do the annotation jobs. Remotasks is also a website that offers micro jobs online, but we will not talk about that. LIDAR jobs pay way more than micro-jobs.

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What’s your responsibility as a LIDAR annotator? 

The annotator’s job is to label the images produced by the computer. Such example from Remotasks is you’ll be given a LiDAR image of a car. To complete the task, you will label the dimension and the coordinates of the car based on its position on the image. All of these will be done inside Remotasks using their own annotation tool. But mind you, this is not easy, and most of your training/evaluation exam will be based on how to use the annotation tool. 

And yes, though it’s free to sign up and create an account on Remotasks, qualifying for a Lidar annotation online job will need you to pass a practical exam. The test will measure if you have truly understood your lessons on how to use the tool.

What do you need to qualify for this job?

Besides passing the practical exam, you’ll need an above-average computer and a stable internet connection. Below are the basic hardware requirements:

  • CPU - Core i5/Ryzen 5
  • GPU - 4GB DDR4
  • RAM - 8 GB
  • Internet Speed - 10 Mbps

Maintaining such specifications will ensure that you can successfully submit your tasks.

Finally, let’s go to the most important question of all. How much can you earn?

Your payment is after each task you complete. How much you’ll earn is dependent on the complexity of the job, and the quality of your work. But one task can pay as much as $ 17 and it usually takes 3 - 6 hours. And if you’re successful in submitting good quality LiDAR annotations, you can make as much as $ 100 per week. And yes, you can earn more if you can develop the speed and accuracy of more complex images.

The mode of payment is weekly in Remotasks and the easiest way to receive it is via PayPal. 

Should you apply for this type of online side hustle? 

If you have been spending too much time playing on your computer and you want to adult-up and actually make money, rather than just spend it, then definitely you can apply for this side hustle on Remotasks. How much you can earn will depend on how fast you can develop your accuracy as an annotator, and the number of projects you can submit. You may start at $ 100 per week at first, but you can easily double that if you’re serious about working.

I hope this article is helpful to you. And if you need more resources about this topic, please browse some other articles on my blog site. And best of luck to you on making some cash on the internet.

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