What Makes you Happy? - Six Simple Ways to True Happiness

What Makes you Happy? - Six Simple Ways to True Happiness
What Makes you Happy? - Six Simple Ways to True Happiness

Have you asked yourself the question, what makes you happy?

Do you have an honest response to yourself?  

Many of us are miserable because we have not found our genuine source of happiness. Arriving in a healthy state is also a challenge because of the surrounding distractions. We have social media, international news, economic uncertainties, and so much more. 

But even with those distractions, we can tune our responses to self-relieve stress from our body.

Here are some proven experiences to achieve a state of happiness, and implementing them today can make a big difference in our lives.

What are the things that make you happy?

Find something you can love. It does not have to be a person. But, if it’s human, much better. It can be a pet, a plant, a motorcycle, or a musical instrument. An object or being that becomes our inspiration. Because when we start to love someone or something, our body’s natural response is to release positive energy. An energy that makes our mood much lighter and fills our bodies with joy.

What to do when nothing makes you happy?

Spend a little time by the beach. The sound of the waves crashing to the shore is spiritually relaxing. And walking around the sand bare feet connects our body to the earth and naturally grounds the stress away.

And to have a better experience visit the beach when it’s not crowded with people, and sit there on the sand and close your eyes for a few minutes. And let the natural music of mother nature sing you to sleep.

What makes you feel good?

Drink a little bit of beer. We don’t need to drown ourselves in the spirits. A bottle or two will do. Alcohol releases dopamine, a brain chemical that is associated with pleasure. Plus, if we’re with other people, beer opens a much more interesting topic to talk about compared to coffee or tea.

Do more of what makes you happy

Ride a bike. Aside from being a very good exercise, a bike takes us to places where cars can’t, at a much slower pace, and have enough time to appreciate the journey. On a bike, we have the chance to look around and probably meet others who share our passion. Cycling gives us the opportunity to rediscover familiar places and fall in love with them all over again.

And there‘s no better feeling on this earth than falling in love again.

How to figure out what makes you happy?

Visit the tombstone of someone close. Losing someone we care about is a painful experience. But, visiting their tombstone will remind us of the blessing of life. At this moment, we can also recollect memorable stories for an opportunity to pray and be thankful that we have met that person in our life.

Take time to do what makes you happy

Listen to classic songs. Listen to songs from the 70’s and older. During this era, songs were made to tell a story. Unlike today, songs are made to sell clothes, drugs, and alcohol. Listening to good music can organize our cluttered thoughts to help us think more clearly.

Smooth classic tunes to brighten up our day.

Now, what makes you happy?

All of us have different preferences, but doing these six activities today can lighten your mood. Happiness is key to living a fulfilled life. Seeking happiness is a journey we need to do now, to take out one less misery off this earth, and spread the spirit of happiness to the world.

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