Small Thought of the Day | The Power of Repentance


Small Thought of the Day | The Power of Repentance
Small Thought of the Day | The Power of Repentance

One of the enriching practices that I learn to participate in is going to church every Sunday. There is a need to relax the mind, body, and soul every week. It is true what they say, that our perspective in life changes as we get older. We tend to view life differently and learn to appreciate the good things that happened in the week. And at church, all those emotions and thoughts are collected and our body revitalized.

In this article, I want to share a piece of the message from the sermon. The message of the mass that I attended in Perpetual Church Dumaguete last Sunday, July 23, 2023, was short and meaningful.

And the message I want to share is about the word “Repentance” as sincere remorse and regret of wrongdoing. Then he also shared that “we should trust God’s plan with us”. Even if we think that nothing is happening in our life, our small actions prepare us for something big that will transpire.

Now let us relate that to our day-to-day life and career development.

Repentance is a religious word with a more plain definition. Repentance can also mean learning from our mistakes. We evidently learn from our wrongdoings. To our best, we prevent them from happening again. And how? 

We can prevent our mistakes from occurring again by developing good practices to improve our integrity and nourish knowledge.

In this fast-changing world, there's a need to keep up with the times. I am a father, and I have to be a reliable provider for my family. This attitude is not inclusive to fathers only; but applies to mothers as well. And to anyone who has someone, dependent on love and care. 

Every day, we make errors in our life. We should not let these errors ground us and prevent us from making the right decisions for a better future. 

There are countless opportunities before us each day. 

Each of us has the opportunity to grab them. 

Each of us can take that chance to have a better future. 

The most harmful mindset one can have is enclosed in two words, "I can’t". It is easy for someone to stop trying or not even try at all - because of a bad experience. They should understand that humans as we are - we are not perfect, and we are bound to make mistakes. 

It is normal to feel ashamed and carry regret in our hearts after making a mistake.

Mistakes are not life events to be celebrated. 

But this does not mean that we must cower beneath our sheets. Society will have something negative to say about us. This is a social response that is beyond our control. Beyond our control because it is something that we cannot prevent. We cannot navigate someone else's sentiments to feed our emotional needs.

Their words will hurt us. Though not all of them but a few will go through our barriers. 

And it is perfectly normal to get hurt to reach the next step. 

And that the next step is to regain our balance. Pick ourselves up from where we fell. Dust ourselves off from guilt. And start again. Because you and I can fight through these challenges. I believe that we will come out strong and triumphant.

When we start this realization of empowerment, we begin our journey of redemption.

Then the second message of the sermon becomes relevant. Because the effects of our actions, the fruits of our prayer, are occasionally not instant. Just because we have done something good once, this does not mean that the course of our life completely changes. 

Redemption from repentance is a process. It can be a brief one or a tedious one.

But we must have faith in God and believe He delivers miracles on us. We admitted our mistakes, took action to better our behaviors, and committed to learning more. We are securing the foundations of something great that is about to happen to us.

Success is grand. But the brick-laying process is exhausting.

Never easy waiting for that dream to become a reality. But you and I should trust the process. Let us keep on making little adjustments to our behavior each day. Let us continue to learn new things each day. And let us continue to apply our new learnings in our life each day. 

At the end of this journey, from the start of repentance, we will arrive at our dream. Our life manifestation will become a reality. As long as we learn from our mistakes, we take action to correct them, and we trust the process and never take shameful shortcuts.

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